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  • I once messaged the creator of AxCrypt and he was delighted that I compared it to PGP! Sad, really! This is just another example of how once trustworthy, simple programs turn into questionable installations and lose their value! If it was not broken, it should never have been mended! Also, the EyeCandy involvement has forced our favouring of the side of caution, all over the world! I used to use nothing but AxCrypt, but I am in the process of switching all old .axx files into another encrypted format. Goodbye, AxCrypt...I will readily mourn your passing...from the best of the best, to the most suspicious! A tragedy!

  • Had a small problem, but overall this is probably the best encrypter. I don't use it daily, as it's a lot of time spend, encrypting to de-encrypting something. - but it works. I just had to re-install Axcrypt, because to of my files were still in .axx file.

  • This crooks! They write here that the GNU GPL program, and she asks for mandatory activation! Clever! The source code is published, but there are no important files, so to compile it from the binary file is not possible. Therefore, this program under the GNU GPL will only have to buy.

  • What a joke. The trial version is so limited I could not even evaluate its effectiveness. No way I would purchase this even for 25.00 without knowing if it works. Thanks for nothing.

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  • They are crooks! They violate the terms of the GNU GPL License! The new version 2.1 requires activation and without activation works 30 days !!!!

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  • Great peace of software. Waiting to see AES 256 (128 too short for serious information) and maybe implementation of Towfish/Serpent algorithms.

  • Great software .. simply easy to use .!

  • Great software offering! Like skydynasty stated, the Open Candy software is totally avoided by following the instructions in the post (06/03/2013). There are 32 & 64 versions, each shown when extracted with 7zip. Good Alternative to TrueCrypt, at least as far as ease of use for newbies are concerned. Cat

  • For those of you who want to remove OpenCandy: Extract the Axcrypt Installer with OpenCandy Offer using 7-Zip. Open the folder and delete $PLUGINSDIR. This should remove the OpenCandy junk from the installer.

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  • Great project, thanks a ton for posting

  • Good and useful software

  • So it wud b nice if d files cud b hidden and encrypted. On providin password open a folder f those files wth their respective xtentions like a normal folder.

  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

  • I'm sorry, but there is no way I can recommend use of anything contained within an OpenCandy adware wrapper. I don't care what the publisher says, the OpenCandy adware connects to an outside server and exchanges data with it. What data? We have no way of knowing--OpenCandy is not an open-source program, so we can never really be sure. Even if the adware isn't evil, what if the OpenCandy servers are compromised? Could the attacker plant a harmful payload to be served to unsuspecting users? Combine this with the fact that installers run with elevated privileges and you have a disaster just waiting to happen. If the publisher gave us a choice, adware or non-adware, I might feel differently. Since they don't, there is no way I can recommend this package in its current state, nor will I allow it to run on systems over which I have control. Perhaps the best choice would be to fork it and offer a truly free version. Very sad. Update (2014-01-16): It seems AxCrypt package has not been updated in almost three years, which I find a little disconcerting.

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  • Great project, and tool to give you full security. But last update was 1 year ago.... =(

  • See previous approving review. This is an outstanding and long-recommended security product which has recently introduced features with grave security concerns. The newer product install includes opencandy software which - despite the all personal assurances to the contrary - has the naked indicia of spyware including installing closed source software which provides : (1) internet contact with 3rd party site + (2) intrusive software which scans user machine and (apparently) reports condition to 3rd party. These new "features" intended to monetize the product may - with some additional inconvenience and privacy concern - supposedly be circumvented, but the problems and concerns to the unsophisticated are sufficient to undermine any recommendation by ME for use of the product. To the author (svante) - - great project otherwise, been long time fan. Sorry for the unflattering review concerning opencandy. There is no doubt that spying on the clueless can be monetized. Just ask the new fb billionaires. The question is not even whether there are methods of monetizing privacy where it is arguably legal to do so. Celebrities trade on their own privacy to great benefit! The question is rather, with all ways in the world to make money, what the heck is a privacy and freedom advocate like axantum doing trading in the personal privacy of its fans??? Just saying, please come back from the dark side, great jedi! That place is not for you.

  • super tool for laptop or removable devices, so you could be cool from stolen it or losing

  • excellent program very user-friendly that you can encrypt a single file

  • Nice application

  • Two words: LIGHTNING FAST!

  • Excellent minimalist software. I highly recommend it.

  • Excellent piece of work. Fast, Functional, Simple and Efficient.

  • simply the best open source software.

  • Extremely Versatile - Available Cross-Platform

  • Fantastic project.

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