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=General : AxBase is an Open source MDB / SQL Server Database viewer and editor. You can view & edit the tables (+ field descriptions) and execute SQL queries without Access licence. Export Tables to CSV/ XLS, Compress & Repair MDB. Compile needs Delphi Pro. Compatible with Delphi 7 to Xe2 (pro). =Version History : : XE2 (and 2010/XE) compatibility & Suppress JCL/JVCL : Add trace for batch execution. : - Fix 'index error' message opening empty base. : Inline parameters for batch files : password for mdb files : add list of last queries + navigator : bug fixes. : add Table Navigator & change some file extension principes when save. : add 'delete table' & 'Open Xls Files' functions : bug fix for DBGRID 'error' on non SELECT (UPDATE/INSERT...) Query : add tools : export CSV & XLS : first release. =Command line : Since ver. Axbase may be used with command line option for automated query in batch files. *Syntax : axbase -s=<database name> [-q="<query>"] [-f=<target file name>] With -s option only AxBase run the user interface and open the <database name> base. If -q option is used, AxBase open the <database name> base without the user interface, execute the <Query> SQL query and close. With -f (needs -q) a file is created with the result of query, the format is depending on the file extension, only csv & xls are available. *Exemples : axbase -s=C:\Datas\demo.mdb -q="update clients SET CL_SDA='' WHERE CL_DATEDEP IS NOT NULL AND CL_SDA <> ''" axbase -s=C:\Datas\demo.mdb -q="SELECT * FROM CLIENTS" -f="c:\cl.csv" *Remark : replace wildcard % by %% in queries because problems to use % in windows batch files. axbase -s=C:\Datas\demo.mdb -q="SELECT CLIENTS WHERE CL_NOM LIKE 'T%%' "
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