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  • I absolutely assume this software one of the best program I ever used! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free Goods :

  • Almost gave up on it after trying the portable version and getting an error that my Avisynth version was too old, despite having the most up-to-date version (the one it said I needed) installed. I then tried the installer version which didn't have the same issue, and seemed to complete the job OK, until I found that it repeatedly screwed up about 80% into the second title, showing a second of video from a completely different video file that wasn't included at all in the job followed by a gray screen. Also, many dialog boxes where you have to select things have no OK button, but rather require you to close the box with the x in the top-right corner to confirm your selections. And when copying the settings from a title, the title you're in is automatically selected. How does it make any sense that the user would be trying to copy the settings FROM the title they're in TO that title?? Still, if not for the completely random error that keeps happening in the creation, which should NOT even be able to happen, this would be a 4+ star program. But randomly grabbing a piece of video from another file...I don't even know how it would manage that.

  • nope

  • License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International

  • very simple and cleaner tool, and excellent!

  • very simple and cleaner tool, and excellent!

  • You can't distribute AVStoDVD under a Creative Commons - Attribution-Noncommercial license because you are using GNU GPLed programs into it. You should release it under a GNU GPL compatible license.

  • Hands down the best I've used thus far for creating personal dvd's from various formats. DVDstyler, Convert X, etc. pale in comparison.

  • This is by far the best Freeware DVD Burner I have ever found. It also has a great selection of Menu Templates which you can download to the Menu template folder and extract them. There is alot of wiggle room for editing your DVD menu down to the Font size, background, and much more. my advice, keep it simple, you don't need a bunch of extra software to use AVStoDVD. All you need really, is Imburn which you can download and it is Freeware also, If you have any questions I will try to help just let me know, thanks Hello, user jhollon3222 you had a question about getting AVS to work after you formatted your hard drive and started with a New OS. you can try this, go to Device Manager and uninstall your DVD-rom player, then turn the computer off, unplug the DVD-rom player and replug the cable and power back up, then restart your computer and see if your computer updates the Disk Drive, if you have more info why it does not work maybe i can help, for example, is your DVD drive reading any DVD's you put in the drive. so I hope that helps,

  • Yes it's definitely promising. But can not be considered seriously outside the US because of lacking the support of accented filenames.

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  • This is most advanced piece of open software I've ever used

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  • Love this app

  • works great for everyday using, thank you!

  • This downloads ImgBurn which works but installs spyware/ browser search default software: search.conduit dot com when you search through the address bar.

  • Good job! Thanks!

  • I tried it on one of my VPS servers and so far it is very smooth and error-free

  • Great work. installed and running. Thanks

  • Awesome tool, installed it on my VPS and have no need to login over ssh again

  • Current versions have several issues: I'm having problems to get synchronized audio when i want to add 2 audio (languages) files. The subtitle's position is fixed to the very bottom of the screen and the option to change the position doesn't work. Besides, sometimes it creates very larges output files (dvd structure) which requires to have a layerbreak, despite you lower the audio and video bitrates and configure the program to create a 4.7gb (DVD5) output file... I recommend it only if you want to create dvds with only 1 language, no subtitles and only versions prior to 2.8.0... Those old versions worked fine with me.

  • i love this software been using it for 2 years but all of a sudden i formatted my hard drive and now it wont work help would be appreciated. (fyi i know all the settings and yes i used them again but no sound)

  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

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  • Amazing job. Thanks all You Rock!

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  • Great compression tool for movie addicts like me. Thanks a lot.

  • it works perfect to me, this program is very fast and stable

  • Nice and Easy to use.

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