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  • Installation: Installed GTK runtime libraries but fell down installing WinPcap on windows 10 machine. Then opens a browser tab and a page to indicate that it installed correctly which comes up with a "Not Found" issue. Failed to auto-launch app but did put a start icon on my desktop that runs the program and opens the add network wizard. The wizard failed because of wpcap.dll not being present. I install WinPcap from and start the wizard again and it crashes. I try running again and yet again it crashes on "Select Network Interface." Use: Unable to get it working and poor error reporting so I do not know what is causing it to crash. Uninstall: WinPcap uninstalls without issue. Uninstalling AutoScan-Network leaves behind the GTK libraries but these uninstall without issue. Summary: Unfortunately I can only give this a rating of two because I have not been able to evaluate it properly. Needs more comprehensive error trapping and reporting so that any issues can be identified.

  • garbage. does not work. No shows a network interface wizard. Wizard window is not closed. фигня. не работает. Не показывает сетевой интерфейс в мастере. Окно мастера не закрывается.

  • The Windows version finds all MAC addresses on the Ethernet, weather or not they are on the same network as you. Excellent for finding rouge devices. Even finds cell phones. The Linux version does not have an RPM (or SRPM). And the tarball does not have a specfile, so yo can not do an "rpmrebuild -ta tarball" on it. This is VERY DISAPPOINTING. I wold love to have this program's functionality in Linux. So on the "Design" I am going to have to give you "Mediocre" for overlooking all the RPM installs out there.

  • The program crashed on it's initial setup: / Also, you can't register on their forums, as the captcha is malfunctioning: / (This is the reason I am posting this here, not on there direct development forums) The uninstall however was very quick and easy. 1 click and in 4 seconds. Fix these options and contact me, I'll test and remove this comment if it is resolved.

  • Very nice one...really....

  • very good project