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  • I've been thinking about using a more automated, turnkey solution for backing up my databases for disaster recovery, and this script does so much out of the box, with minimal configuration and apparently zero hassle.

  • Thank you for this awesome tool !

  • I use this all the time on my Mediatemple servers.

  • the program works perfectly, I like its scheduler

  • Awesome. I've implemented it on several environments and so far, it's been behaving pretty good.

  • excellent, very useful, many thanks

  • Really cool.

  • Very well done.

  • nice work mate!

  • Fast, Functional, Simple and Efficient.

  • Needs a bit of work for Win7

  • Simple and useful and a real timesaver. Should be part of the standard MySQL tools on all distros.

  • never noticed any problems

  • well, I liked it

  • Great Script used it for years. For those administrating cPanel servers, your autoscripts might be un-granting the lock tables for your user. I added this to the dbdump() function... mysql -u $U --password=$P -e "GRANT SELECT, LOCK TABLES ON *.* TO '$USERNAME'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '$PASSWORD'" mysqladmin -u $U --password=$P FLUSH-PRIVILEGES Now the bad part about the above is that you have to declare U=root and P=rootpassword. But this worked great for me as the script is running in a protected area that only root can see.

  • pretty cool - simple and it just works

  • Great tool. Had to edit line # 1972 from echo `du -hsH "${CONFIG_backup_dir}"` to echo `du -hs --si "${CONFIG_backup_dir}"` as the -H option for du is being deprecated.

  • Wonderful project, many thanks for sharing

  • A wonderful script, been successfully using it for years!

  • Great shell script. I'd love to see integration with external services for even more secure backups for something like Amazon S3. I'd love to help how I can as well.

  • This is exactly what i was looking for, Thank You from Ukraine!

  • Just trying it out. I do not like the file naming process, would like to have an option for the file name date number thingy. Would like just a ZIP option, I will try out my potential mods and then post, if they work. Otherwise, it is a great program, thank you!!! Bob

  • I've been using it for years. Now I'm contributing to the project.

  • Works great - a lifesaver - version 3 rocks - though could do with a bit more documentation

  • one change i found w/ my version of mutt (1.5.20) - and when using 'files' -- line 645 had to be altered to: mutt -s "$ERRORNOTE MySQL Backup Log and SQL Files for $HOST - $DATE" $MAILADDR<$LOGFILE $BACKUPFILES #send via mutt simply placing the address before the attached files.

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