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  • Very good script, but no working on PHP 7.X Have trouble with Slovak language too

  • Nice piece of software. I did a fork with Bootstrap 3 styles here:

  • Easily five stars. I have been using version 2.0.1 for many years. This script performs flawlessly, and it is very easy to customize the output. It is a also very secure, and not vulnerable to XSS or other attacks.

  • not good this script ((((((( )))))))))

  • My hat is off to Mr Hagstrom. Justin, this is one of the most elegant Open-Source scripts in existence currently. I'd been keeping tabs on it ever since I first fell in love with it as a resource of note. This script is ten times more agile and powerful that scripts I've used costing several hundred dollars to do the same thing. Egads! The niche of Internet Marketing is the setting that I'm using this script within. It is SO perfect to create a (monetized) content sharing subscription model with myself in total control. My web skills were well in place by the time I got to AutoIndex, so I was able jack all elements at will for complete customization (although, I've left the basic color patterns as they fit my current motif). Anyone who hasn't yet gotten on this and you're looking for a file upload/download/ share system for a membership site - this is the script. In fact, the only paid version that AutoIndex resembles is the CodeCanyon script "ShareIt", but is a million times easier to navigate under the hood. This script REALLY makes life simple for me and what I'm trying to do online - Thanks again, Justin!

  • Easy to run autoindex

  • Thanks for creating AutoIndex. It is a big help for me and my projects.

  • very good program autoindex.

  • How can I do a Index? I've allraedy downloaded but now I don't know what I have to do! Can me help somebody?

  • This is great. I have been using it for awhile and it great with the search feature.

  • it work good on Windows 98 with NetworkActiv Web Server. I know no PHP But the script was good in helping me get it up and running at it make a good Upload index