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IMPORTANT NOTICE If you have already purchased database verison 1.0.0 from RPGNow you will have to update your files to database version 1.0.2. You should have received an email from RPGNow that your updated files are available. To check your database version go to the following path, "<installation path>/Harp Databases/Harp Fantasy" and look for a file named "version.xml". Open this file in wordpad or notepad and look for the version number. If the version number is 1.0.0 Or 1.0.1 you need to update your database files to version 1.0.2 which should be available to you from RPGNow. Martial Law when it becomes available will be at Version 1.0.0. There is a bug with Random Monster Encounter that prevents it from working. The problem is fixable by changing the name of the xml file MonsterFromCoreRules.xml to MonsterTablesFromCoreRules.xml. This file can be found in Harp Databases/Harp Fantasy/Harp Fantasy. This file didn't get changed with this release. I will make sure this file name is correct with the next version. Sorry for the confusion.
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