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  • I bet this guy was paid off to abandon the project. But I found a way to get it all working again. Found another download, Changea bit to downgrade the chatzilla, edited the script error that kept popping up. I now have a full working stand alone Working copy. This is on linux 14.04 system, may be able to work on win but havent tried it. "hxxps://" change xx to tt Only available for a short time. Add the autodl to the correct area in profile

  • Author seems to have left the project, critical bugs must be fixed! I am forced to use a downgraded version of ChatZilla for it to work at all and later a FireFox update broke some kind of xml functionality whiched means maintaining filters using an external editor... or you can open Settings.js and replace this line (@ line 53): var str = XML(xmlSerializer.serializeToString(doc)).toXMLString(); with this: var str = xmlSerializer.serializeToString(doc); The only difference is that autodl.xml won't be saved in pretty print.

  • Does not work with new Firefox, I'm yet to find a version that does.lf this is a ChatZilla issue or IRCTAD I don't know yet. But ChatZilla works and this does not ;( please have a look as there aren't any other alternatives... This is the error BTW "error typeerror is undefined" This is what you get when you try to save anything in autodl this as chatzilla start [ERROR] Could not check for updates: Error getting update info: HttpRequest.sendGetRequestInternal: ex: Not Connected. this when you tried to save anything in autodl [ERROR] Got an error when trying to save the options: ReferenceError: XML is not defined @ <chrome://chatzilla/content/static.js -> file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/x.default-1376467275958/chatzilla/scripts/autodl/files/Settings.js> 53

  • Thanks for Autodl, it's wonderful!

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  • I love it! I would like if you can add more trackers, there is many others. Send me an email and we can talk. Thanks!

  • Works perfect, I have moved over from mIRC with it's messy scripts to ChatZilla and IRC Torrent Auto Downloader and don't expect I will ever look back.

  • Works good, support forum link does not work. :(

  • excellent application.

  • Please update tracker. is the right irc server. Btw,this program is awesome !!!

  • AWESOME. been using it for 5 minutes, it's brilliant, would defiantly recommened

  • awesome I love it does everything I need it to thanks again.

  • Its the best Auto Downloader you can ever have!!!

  • I love it. It works wonderfully. Now it needs more trackers supported, and an online forum where we can give community support.