Aural Probe is a sample librarian tool for computer musicians/audio engineers. Automatically and non-destructively index your disorganised sample collection from a list of folders into categories (kick, snare, hihats etc.) based on folder/filename wildcard matches. Easily audition samples, load/save favourites, and drag-and-drop straight into your sequencer.


  • Categorize your huge sample collections (20GB+) without moving a single file
  • Create categories based on file/folder keyword matches (eg. Kick category = "bd", "kick", "bassdrum") or regular expressions
  • Quickly audition through samples with arrow keys or mouse
  • Filter samples by file type (WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, WMA, OGG)
  • Full drag-and-drop support (simply drag a sample from Aural Probe into your sequencer/sampler, just like Windows Explorer)
  • Mark favorites, filter by favorites, load/save favorite lists
  • Automatic rescan and categorization of samples on changed categories or sample folder layout
  • See details about highlighted sample in status bar
  • 'Always on top' mode to make frequent dragging of samples into other windows easier
  • Right-click a sample for frequently used shortcuts (Explore, Copy, Copy Shortcut, Favorite, Delete)
  • 100% read-only - does not move/modify your samples, just indexes them
  • Minimize to system tray

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User Reviews

  • The best audio organization tool I've ever encountered, hands down.

  • Error! Could not save sample cache! This program does not work if normally installed on Windows 8.1. After installing, and getting this error, I decided to copy the program folder to my desktop and run it from there, and it works like that. I have had this problem with other programs on Windows 8/8.1, because Windows 8/8.1 does weird things to programs that are in the Program Files/Program Files (x86) folder(s): it copies them to some other crazy location, and tries to run them from that other location, and it messes things up. So my main legitimate complaint here is that it doesn't say what OS it's compatible with. I guess I'm supposed to assume Windows XP or Windows 7. But once Aural Probe works, it's good.

  • Holy c**p ! Since WHEN has this tool been available? It's utterly brilliant! I've been looking for something like this for as long as I can remember. Really well designed and easy to use. The only main thing missing is the ability to tag files because there are many samples that fall into several categories. Although I could rename files to reflect this, but the cost would be high as it would lead to broken file references from previous projects and plugins using the samples. WAV file tags are not widely supported but as long as the librarian (Aural Probe in this case) can read them, that would certainly work well, otherwise the metadata could be store as an XLM file or otherwise. But even as it is, Aural Probe is hugely beneficial to my workflow. I'll definitely be making some noise about it on the forums, thanks!

  • Thank You ! Very good !

  • Very good. Looking forward to 2.0 already. I've demo'd some of your commercial competition this week and this is the one I will use.

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.NET/Mono, Win32 (MS Windows)

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