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  • ok ok ok

  • It amazes me people download this malware infested version, when the real Audacity is hosted on their own website. Can people not read that this is a "mirror"?

  • TERRIBLE! Program simply deleted an entire hour long podcast for no reason. No explanation was given, simply, "possible bug error". That's how customers are treated? They work so hard on editing and constructing something only to see there was a bug error? Great work Audacity, you have truly won my trust on this one. Never using this software again.

  • i have made a review for Audacity in Arabic you can check it from here :-

  • This is excellent software. It's great for removing noise and clicks from old audio files. It's awesome for mixing multiple tracks down to a stereo file. I use it for speeding up spoken word tracks without increasing the pitch. Cutting and cross fading is easy. The equalization is very good. I can't be used on-the-fly but I quickly got used to the preview mode which can be set to any part of the track. It does a great job of exporting tracks to compressed audio formats. I recently discovered that you can drop video files into Audacity and it will grab the audio tracks. This makes it ideal for extracting audio from video files. There's a lot more to say about this great piece of software. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to it!

  • This Software is awesome I download it. And I learn within days to be a professional the course I learn from is w - w -w (.) audacityflex (.) c o m This course help you learn the software effectively and save 75% of your time. Do check it out you won't regret. And you get 100 sound effects with it for free . This is just awesome and telling you take advantage of this free software along with the audacityflex course these really help me a lot. I doing radio broadcast programs for people and other audio products for myself and also others.

  • Install offline on BeeFree OS. Lame is included. Excellent

  • Install offline on BeeFree OS. Lame is included. Excellent

  • Merde, investissez quelques dollars dans un designer... Parce que l'ergonomie est à chier !!! Mais sans parler d'ergonomie, vos ZOOMs, vos dépladcement dans le fichier, c'est pourri ! Connaissez-vous Soundforge ?? Merde, trouvez 10 000 $ et payez un mec capable de faire un truc ergonomique !!!

  • Its really good and I even got a tutorial that how can anyone use it easily: "www[DOT]youtube[DOT]com/watch?v=jqbXec-YcJU

  • I often use Avdshare Audio Converter to aIFF to WAV Converter for Mac and Windows

  • I use audacity all day for my radio jingles and dj drops company jingles and promos My only plea is, could audacity have the beat grip markers or graphical lines someday...this could really help us to sync multi tracks so well and ensure easy sync workflow

  • Great Job !!

  • Dose it really helpful in editing audios to avoid copyright strikes on Youtube ?????

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  • This is an excellent recording platform. I have four CDs that I put together using this program & I love the way things come together. Most recently, I had a problem in recording with my new Win 8 computer. I was recording a simple guitar track & the sound cut out after a few seconds. I found the solutions in the FAQ forum, it had to do with a "noise suppression" options that was checked in my sound device. I unchecked it and now the recording sounds like it should. Thank you!

  • Excellent and free! Learned to use it very quickly!

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  • Good editor

  • Hi i love this software its simple and sweet i get to master it easily from a course name audacityflex(.)com I got 100 super awesome sound effects. this really help me starting from basic to advance with just 9 videos and sound effects. I got all this on a special for 10. Do google it. Audacity is a free software one of the best by far. Do take advantage of this

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  • Let me start off by saying, I made this account for one reason only: To review this product. Now, my situation is that I'm making sound for a film for the first time, and needed a program to first of all sort the sound files, and then, to edit them. I've had great experiences using Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro for editing video clips, and thus thought, hell, I'll download Audition. Sad thing is though, it's just a 7 day trial unless you put some money upfront (more on that later). So, I used it, and I loved it. Very intuitive, very useful, just overall a really good product. But 7 days went by, and as anyone who's worked on a film knows, 7 days is nowhere near enough to finish post-production of a project. Luckily, I remembered there was a program named Audacity - so I googled it and downloaded it from this very page. I opened it, and immediately thought, gosh, this looks a bit barebones - but that said, I find that Adobe's products sometimes look very professional and have a lot of features you'll never ever use. Anyway, I thought Audacity very well for something as simple as sorting my audio files, at least. And yes, it would be, if certain features of the program wasn't complete bullcrap, like, whenever you wanna move the time-stamp and accidentally think you can drag it instead of just clicking where you want it, you'll create a loop, and frustratingly audio will only play within that loop. Which frustrated me quite a few times when trying to pinpoint a source of noise in an audio clip. Secondly, the fact that you have nowhere near any idea the dB of your current clip frustrates the hell outta me - or maybe you do, but then that information is very well hidden away. Also the fact that whenever you hit space, the usual pause-button in almost every frigging editing program, instead of pausing your clip, it stops it, is one of the worst pieces of bullcrap of a feature I've ever seen. It's like they try to actively frustrate you. Probably the most annoying thing when sorting audio however, is if you change the name of the clip you're using, or in my case, the folder that file is hidden in - then Audacity decides that gosh, it can't find it. Even though the file hasn't changed name, and Audacity even has access to the frigging folder already - something, I might add, doesn't happen in Audition. However, the biggest frustration was when I tried to replay a clip, and Audacity thought, FUCK IT, and my whole computer went Viva la Revolucíon on me, and I had to force shut it down (you know, pressing down that power on/off button) to get it to work again. My screen was one big mess of audacity colored antsy messy-wessy. Oh, and not to mention that it looked very frigging barebones when it comes to actually editing audio. To sum up, a wise man once said: "You get what you pay for". After my little flirt with Audition, followed by a very rocky relationship with Audacity, I have to agree. So if you made it this far down in my review, for which I'd like to say thank you very much, I'm honored that you wanna listen to my rambling, don't download this bullcrap. Instead, and I can't believe I'm saying this, put down those frigging 20 dollars and get a proper program in the form of Audition. Heck, crack it even if you know how to (not that I recommend that sort of thing, but who am I to judge?) - just, for heaven's frigging sake, don't download this bullcrap. Please. I implore you.

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  • Great app ! Fast and easy to use !

  • The review below is worth repeating: "Do NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES download audacity from Sourceforge!!! They attach all sorts of malware to the download. YOU WILL INFECT YOUR COMPUTER!!!! Instead, go to the REAL audacity site: " I spent half the night removing the large suite of nasty (and some very nasty) malware that embedded themselves deep within Windows and hijacked all browsers to the point of crippling them (with those false pop-up warnings that would not go away simply by clicking an 'x' - and I'm an electronics tech with a former computer tech cert - if you are not, then your computer is screwed. If you do not know how to quickly remove malware (including the nastiest), then don't download from this site - use the original site. Just a note - after I removed all the malware, I took a chance and manually installed the 'free' Audacity (worst case - all the malware would reinstall) - it installed OK - without the malware. I haven't tried Audacity yet - so I'm not sure if it will meet my needs, not knowing what functions and features it has - so my one-star review is a warning about this site...

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  • You may try use Avdshare Video Converter to Convert MP4 to Windows Media Player more compatilbe video format like convert MP4 to WMV, MP4 to AVI, MP4 to MPG, MP4 to ASF.

  • I have used this since high school. Still super simple and easy to use.

  • Beyond useless. My primary reason for using this program was to make ringtones and samples. However, after it resetting my time selections randomly over a dozen times in one day, I'm done. This program is no longer usable. I'll just pirate goldwave instead, hopefully by the next time I check in this will be fixed, finally.

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