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  • I might use this to replace the PortableApps launcher, because it fixes just about every complaint I have with it. ASuite is incredibly powerful and attractive too. Just wanted to say thank you to the developer and I hope that you keep updating this gem!

  • Excellent software

  • I've tried LOTS of app launchers and ASuite is easily the best one. Best features, best usability, best stability and minimal resource consumption. I really hope the developer continues updating this amazing program.

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • The best freeware binarual beat program at the moment!

  • Excellent work.

  • I switched over to ASuite, having previously used PStart. I found that PStart was becoming too slow in handling the 60+ portable apps I was using (the ability to import from PStart's menu was very handy!). ASuite had no such problems and I found the interface friendly, but also practical. Although this program hasn't been updated for some time and progress on version 2 seems to be very slow, version 1.x works just fine for me. There are still some bugs but they are minor, nothing that ASuite won't recover from. I've tried many different application launchers and I can say that this is the best of all of them, with the most features and configuration options that should give you everything you need to manage all your portable applications.

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  • I tried a lot of app launchers but ASuite has become my fav overnight. I love it. The only thing that I really miss is the possibility to automagically hide ASuite the moment it loses focus.

  • Small, fast, reliable, usable without annoying skins. Never again without!!!

  • Very usefull, Very fast, Looks professional, I LOVE IT