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  • Great utility, nicely documented, examples are informative, fits very well with my build process.

  • Easy, fast and simple, helped me a lot

  • Way better than clang tidy.

  • Bealtiful project, works with Falcon C++ IDE

  • This is the perfect solution for source code downloaded from the internet. The original code was hard hard to read because of bad indentation and bracket use. This program cleaned it up nicely. Well done

  • Easy to install in linux (in distribution), no so in Windows (simple zip archive, have to use console, that would be great to use nullsoft). Easy to use as well documented. cmdline allow to integrate many IDEs. works with no bugs not as functional as 'GNU indent', but multi-platform 'ready' Thank you.

  • I have been using astyle to indent the source files in a large codebase and very happy with the performance till now.

  • love it!

  • great program, but please bring back windows XP support, I doubt many students would want/be able to compile it just so it works on XP

  • Very good, but there are still somethings could be done. For example, --break-blocks options could not do with function blocks, and array initial segments are not aligned well in some cases.

  • Overall: pretty good. Options are as you would expect. Does C, C++ and more. Not sure about C++11, C++14, etc. Only currently missing a couple of important statement formatting options, would change to 5* if it does. PSA: Hey uncool genius, 1* positive reviews to "be special" can ruin a project, app or someone's livelihood... especially if they take a stand to not pay the Yelp protection "tax." So please, just don't. Thanks.

  • Not support do-while statement, hope fix it ASAP

  • Excellent Tool !

  • Very nice and useful project! Thanks

  • I've been using it for a few days, and I'm delighted! I can't not use it now! The first few formats slowed down Visual Studio a tad, but that faded away quickly. Now when I save I barely notice it formats, but my code's style sure does. Just a couple more tiny options and it'd be perfect.

  • Excellent, and thanks for putting it on MacPorts.

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  • Does almost everything I need. 4 stars because 2 years between updates :)

  • Excellent little app. Very nice when you want to go back over your codebase (or someone else's codebase) and format it to your liking and make it more readable.

  • Quick and easy to use. A must have for any computer

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  • Good program for teaching in a computer lab. Installation was a little tricky, but figured it all out. Nice work!

  • Large selection of options, easy install, easy to use. Good program, thanks.

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  • I like it .Easy to use,install and it is working the way I want.

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  • Nice and very helpful! Thank you!

  • astyle, u have great work!

  • This is surely one of the best open source projects.

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