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AstroTortilla ============= Copyright 2012-2014 AstroTortilla Team <> Copyright 2010-2011 Antti Kuntsi The AstroTortilla project aims to automate repetitive tasks during a modern day astrophotography session using plate-solving software to speed up the mount alignment and GoTo error corrections. This project is licensed under GPL, see the file LICENSE for details. This software is delivered as-is, with no expressed or implied guarantees of being fit for any purpose. Version history --------------- v0.7 Error corrections for re-centering and config values v0.6 Backyard EOS v3 support, Nebulosity 3.1 support, working_dir fixes v0.5.2 Window handling fixes v0.5.1 APT compatibility issues, window position corrections v0.5 Bookmark editing window added (edit, delete, new), polar alignment wizard epoch corrections v0.4.3 APT 2.1 fixed capture protocol with CCD cameras, workaround removed v0.4.2 APT 2.0.1 binning and ASCOM support, cosmetic tweaks, screen capture fixes v0.4.1 UI responsiveness, log window position, scope driver quirks setup v0.4 Window resizing, position and size persistence added v0.3.5 Error fixes for ASCOM mount access, exposure time corrections, documentation updates, installer update, index installation added v0.3 Error fixes for APT, bookmark support, LX200 non-conformance fixes, new config settings enabled, Nebulosity 3 support, solver error handling improvements v0.2.10 Astro Photography Tool support, JNow epoch support v0.2.9 Initial bookmark support, 64 bit build support, WCS info bugfixes v0.2.8 Bugfixes for ASCOM Camera, Help About, config file locations. v0.2.7 Sync error checking corrections, WCS parser error handling added, Cygwin installer updates for SourceForge changes v0.2.6 Sync failure check added, fixed error in re-slewing to target v0.2.5 Added initial support for APT, ASCOM telescope status caching, support for logging into file and a log viewer. v0.2.4 Renamed library to astrotortilla, improved Nebulosity integration, Support for explicit filter selection added to MaximDL and Nebulosity, Added Cygwin setup step as an option to installer. v0.2.3 Updates for Python 2.7 compatibility, documentation updates v0.2.2 Minor bugfixes in localisation, updates in manuals v0.2.1 Major bugfixes in goto correction, localisation added for Finnish, documentation added v0.2.0 Refactored the main functionality into separate module v0.1.3 MaximDL support, web-interface solver, bug-fixes, Nebulosity 2.4 support v0.1.2 Nebulosity2 scripting support improved, bugfixes for image capture Support for drift-shot added, moves mount in RA during exposure (>=30s) v0.1.1 Binning setting comparison fix in camera implementations v0.1.0 First test release packaged as an executable Using AstroTortilla ------------------- For details read the User's Guide. Intent of AstroTortilla is to enable using the imaging camera for determining the need for slew corrections. Using the imaging camera ensures that the GoTo is slewed dead-on on the camera view. Before imaging thru AstroTortilla, take at least one exposure with your imaging software and ensure the field is in reasonable focus. The images obtained from a camera are evaluated by a plate solving application, and initially a wrapper for is implemented. The code for is freely available. You need a set of astrometric index files from in order to solve your images. You most likely do not need all the files there-in, see the AstroTortilla documentation for assistance and details. The AstroTortilla installer can download these indexes for you. If you wish to obtain the 'old' index files, see the GETTING-INDICES file in the source package or on the website. You can also generate the index files from various star catalogues, such as Tycho2. All copyrights and trademarks are recognized and respected. Python ------ The application AstroTortilla and the associated library are written in Python 2.6, using WxPython [5] , Python win32all extension [6] and Python Imaging Library 1.1.7 [7], pywinauto 0.4.0 [9]. Python 2.7 is also supported. Source includes Appdirs 1.2.0 [10] (c) 2010 ActiveState Software Inc. Running ---------------------- The is not originally inteded to run on Windows, but it can be compiled and run under Cygwin [8]. Before compiling the code, make sure you have the required packages installed and at least with version 0.34 the utils/Makefile updated to compile correctly. See the file AstrometryNetPackages.txt for list of known packages. To ensure speedy execution, make sure to disable the bash autocomplete package in Cygwin. The AstroTortilla installer contains a shortcut for starting Cygwin setup for installing a pre-packaged solver. See documentation for more details. ASCOM ----- The AstroTortilla is tested on the latest available ASCOM platform available on the release date. ASCOM support requires the Python win32all extensions [5]. Nebulosity 2 and 3 ------------------ If you are using Nebulosity 2.4+, you might want to use it with AstroTortilla to make sure your imaging camera is pointing to the correct location. AstroTortilla depends on Python win32 extensions and pywinauto package for automating the interactions. AstroTortilla supports setting binning and filters for capturing. Using 2x binning is recommended over plate-solver downscaling for quicker solving. Do not select a more detailed camera in AstroTortilla Camera Setup dialog unless you encounter problems with auto-detect after an in-focus exposure in Nebulosity. Do set the Nebulosity reset path in the Camera Setup dialog, and use the date or night macros for automatic daily directories. AstroTortilla uses a temporary directory for capturing and cannot reset the Nebulosity target directory automatically to current (this data is not available in Nebulosity). Note: Nebulosity 2.3 is no longer supported. Astro Photography Tool ---------------------- Astro Photography tool is supported by AstroTortilla, just make sure APT is running and you have successfully taken a well-focused image with it. MaxIm DL -------- AstroTortilla has been tested with MaxIm DL 5.23, and supports setting the image binning and forced imaging filter. It is recommended to use 2x binning instead of downscaling for quicker solving. References ---------- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
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