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  • I honeslty assume this software the perfect app I ever tried! => consider having a look at this site for Free Goods :

  • You might consider grouping filetypes and offering more noob-friendly way of selecting most common extensions. I'll add this request to the forums, meanwhile 5/5!

  • Excellent for reviewing a large bunch of logfiles, where you need to see some lines above and below to get the context. There's a lot of power in the regular expression search, I will investigate later if it can do 'this word' within x characters of 'that word' type searches.

  • This tool is absolutely excellent and exactly what I've been looking for hours on end now. To no discredit to the author and his/her accomplishment, what is so difficult about developing a tool speaking a language the user chooses to search a hard drive for (albeit somewhat very) specific contents within a file that can have any extension?!? It astounds me to see how many ways the short-sighted "developers" of alternative tools choose to shoot the themselves (and their user) in the foot. Kudos to AstroGrep author(s) for adding Explorer shell integration. Despite how natural and logical such an expectation is on the Windows platform, it was looking to be an impossibility to expect just an hour ago. Praise goes to the author as well for the excellent, intuitive user interface, which even offers highlighting and visual effects for that extra unexpected punch. It is beyond me why so many people suggest such crap as DocFetcher and InFile Seeker over the outstanding, full-featured AstroGrep!

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  • Very good and stable application. Always installed on my pcs.

  • Very hand tool!

  • @ chkiser It is clean. Norton are famous for Heuristic threats, which is a guess by Norton, not based on actual file contents. Google is your friend, search for the threat Name, in your case "WS.Reputation.1" to put your mind at ease.

  • Super fast and a well thought out interface. Really nice job!

  • Nice

  • Great program. Works well. Thanks May you please increase the context lines. Is it possible to have an option of sliding the context window?

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  • Norton Security is flagging this executable as corrupted by threat WS.Reputation.1 and immediately removing from my system. Please advise when there is a clean version available.

  • Easy to use, possible to copy the found files in a new folder or to get the list of the files as a .txt

  • How did I not know about this for so long?

  • It's probably the most used application in my day-to-day work. Thank you so much for it! I installed the version 4.4.3 and am very happy, that you restored the functionality to open the file at proper position by double-clicking the results view. That's great and makes the workflow very comfortable!

  • Simple and Fast. Although It lacks the Replace feature, deserves the 5 star !

  • Great little utility

  • Brilliant piece of software with many applications & features.

  • A nice easy to use program that allows you to search the contents of any file. Perfect.

  • This is a useful and surprisingly robust search tool - I hate to this, but u should sell it. It is better than some of that horribly overpriced stuff currently available for sale.

  • finally i can use it

  • Easy to use. I love this AstroGrep tool. Thanks for providing it.

  • Invaluable. Very quick. Very effective. The tasks could not be done without it.Thanks!

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  • Invaluable. Very quick. Very effective. The tasks could not be done without it.

  • Worderful. Thanks!

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