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astrofocuser v1.1.2 =================================================== (c) 2013 Blaise-Florentin Collin, GNU GPL v3 contact : www : =================================================== 1. Presentation 2. Requirements 3. Usage 4. Build from sources =================================================== 1. Presentation astrofocuser is a very simple tool written with Qt 4.5 to help star focusing in astrophotogaphy. This tool applies an FWHM by transparency on the background window. 2. Requirements astrofocuser just needs the standard Qt 4.5 libraries to work, on a modern windowed operating system, with a compositing window manager. 3. Usage Just launch astrofocuser, and place the window on the area to exploit. Astrofocuser will then display the area FWHM in yellow 4. Build from sources You will need a cmake, make, a c++ compiler with all the c++ standard libraries, and the developpement version of the Qt 4.5 (or above) libraries. You will also need the developpement version of the libx11 composite extensions. To build from source use : >gzip -d astrofocuser_?.?.?_src.tar.gz >tar -xvf astrofocuser_?.?.?_src.tar >mkdir astrofocuser-build >cd astrofocuser-build >cmake ../astrofocuser_?.?.?_src/ >make >sudo make install PS : on some OS (like ubuntu 10.04 LTS) , you will have to activate the special visual effects to get the astrofocuser transparency working. Anyway, you will need a compositing window manager to get astrofocuser working.
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