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Please select your appropriate download. Check the documentation to find out which files you need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Astro-Online consists of the following three components: 1) Astro-Online RIA (uses Yahoo User Interface) Interactive JavaScript widgets offering Rich Internet Functionality (and ActionScript3 - Flash - charts). 2) Astro-Online DS A data service that delivers horoscope interpretations. 3) Astro-Online WS A web service that performs astrological calculations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- All software components can be installed in any combination with the other components or called directly from the cloud. Documentation is not yet completely finished! (working on it) Please have a look at www.astro-share.nl (Dutch website using Astro-Online) www.astro-share.com (English website using Astro-Online) www.astro-share.de (German website using Astro-Online) for functionality and probably some (first) answers to your questions... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mail if you need any help! Peter Schulz Astro Share
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