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Hi all, At the begin of the year 2013, the development of V2 was switched to Perl 5.16.3 . From this point, assp will be incompatible to Perl 5.8.8 and will not start on that Perl version! At the begin of the year 2012, the version numbering of V2 was changed - all assp versions before 2.0.2_3.3.01 and 2.0.1_3.3.01 will possibly not make any autoupdate after 2011/12/31! The new version numbering will be: FAMILY.MAJOR.MINOR_BUILD[.PATCH] where the BUILD number is build from the two digit year and the three digit day of the year. If there are more than one patches available for one day, a dot + PATCH number with one or two digits will be appended. The MINOR number indicates: odd - production version , even - development version The version number for the (2011/21/07) would be : dev - 2.0.2_11202 and prod - 2.0.1_11202 Perl 5.10.0 will be supported at least 5.22.x is recommended, it contains several bugfixes. Because 'ActivePerl 5.16.x' is no longer available for free, windows users should switch to Perl 5.20 and/or use 'strawberry Perl' - assp is running fine on 'strawberry Perl'. IMHO all needed modules are available for all operating systems for Perl up to version 5.20. The upgrade to Perl (5.20.x on windows 32bit) has shown a reduction of the memory usage of assp by 25%. ASSP is running faster with this perl version. All known UNICODE mistakes are gone with this perl version and some fixes in assp (double byte charsets like GB2312.... => crash). The use of the version 2.03 is no longer a problem. Thomas
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