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Welcome to ArdvtLedBoard. An Arduino library for the Advatel TCD226R Ledboard To use the library just copy the LedBoard dir to your <Arduino>/libraries/ dir. ===================== = Wiring / Hardware = ===================== The TCD226R has 3 main types of ICs.. 1. TPIC6B595N - POWER LOGIC 8-BIT SHIFT REGISTER - these hold the data for a row of leds 2. 74LS145N BCD-TO-DECIMAL DECODER - these select the row to draw 3. 74HC08N - Quad 2-input AND gate - used to buffer output to next board The main ones we are intersted in are #1 and #2 These are the "chip pins" looking at the "cable end" of the LedBoard data cable ______|-----|_______ (key on top) | DO D2 RK SIN GND | | D1 D3 G SCK GND | -------------------- D0,D1,D2,D3 pins connect to the on board 74LS145N's (BCD DECODERs). RK,G, SIN, SCK pins connect to the on board TPIC6B595N's (SHIFT REGISTERs). These should be connected to the following Arduino digits I/O pins ______|-----|_______ (key on top) | P4 P6 P8 P11 GND | | P5 P7 P9 P13 GND | -------------------- NB: (July2014) I had a typo on the above pinouts. SIN should be Pin 11 (MOSI) not Pin 12 (MISO). (Thanks Dan!!!) ==================== = Library Examples = ==================== * Basic_LedBoard_Demo This demo just shows the basic use of the library - loading some hard coded message transitions. * Advanced_Ledboard_Demo This demo uses both an SD Card and serial input to provide messages. ==================== = Transition Types = ==================== The following list shows the integer values for transition types. These can be used in the SD Card or Serial inputed transitions. LB_NONE =0, LB_FLASH=1, LB_FLASHINV=2, LB_LSLIDE=3, LB_RSLIDE=4, // Slide entire string in from left or right LB_LCSLIDE=5, LB_RCSLIDE=6, // Slide character at a time LB_LSLIDE2=7, LB_RSLIDE2=8, // slide with rotate LB_SPINU=9, LB_SPIND=10 }; // spin up/down - poker machine style effect =============== = Other Files = =============== ledboard.txt - A demo file for SD Card use. Contains the same transitions from the Basic Demo but in text format. ArdvtLedBoard.tgz - contains all files for easy download ========================== = Background Information = ========================== I posted some of my early findings online to the following thread;page=1 Some videos I have made regarding the evolution of this library can be found on youtube. ============== = Contact Me = ============== If you find this library useful, or would like to report any bugs. Please email me at
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