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  • This works good for shutting down, rebooting, and waking computers on a network. I especially like the features for organizing and managing computers by group and also the task scheduler option.

  • Very useful app. There are also some good apps for smart-phones like WolOn for Android

  • Excellent! Very useful. Thank you!

  • Works great for me, with minimal setup. This works better for me than some better known options. The most frequently recommended doesn't remember settings, and this does. Thanks!

  • Great Tool for remote wake of devices. Basildane keeps the product updated and the features provided for scheduling are great! Anyone with a need to perform WOL should have this application.

  • (Voting 5 to counteract andjakhosjak's review). WS.Reputation.1 does NOT indicate a virus. If you actually read the Norton warning you'll see that all it means is that the file is new and not very many Norton users have downloaded it yet. That's what the "Reputation" bit means, that the file has no "reputation" in their database of allowed files. This is a completely stupid way of assessing a file's threat. All files are going to be new when they are released, and the vast majority are not dangerous. If you are able to configure your own virus checker settings (rather than being locked down in a corporate environment) you should turn off this level of warnings as they add nothing whatsoever to your security. (Disclosure: I have nothing to do with Wake On Lan, I just hate Norton and their stupid scareware cr*p).

  • Symatec Norton stops the aquilawolagent.1.0.0.exe due to a threat name WS.Reputation.1. It reports that there are several indications that this file is not reliable and for that reason not secure. To bad, i think i would have liked the software, but i dont dare to trust it now.

  • Just does what is needs to do and does it perfectly!

  • 請問 Language 台灣(中文)選擇後還是顯示US畫面? Language 台灣(中文)無法使用>"< zh-TW選擇後還是沒有顯示中文化面

  • WOL has enabled me to ping, startup and shutdown my other Win7 Home Premium PCs on my LAN. I'm not sure if it matters but I have a D-Link DIR-655 modem and I didn't have to change any router settings (e.g. forward any ports) at all. WOL readily detected all my computers after I entered a range of IP addresses to search. I haven't used WOL to control my Linux NAS yet but it easily woke up my PCs (after enabling WOL in their BIOS and Win7 network settings); however, I did have trouble shutting them down. After many hours of troubleshooting, I determined it was not a problem with WOL; it was a problem with Win7 on my remote PCs. A LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy entry had to be added to their registries to eliminate Access Denied errors (documented in SevenForums in a WOL thread started by "Audios" -- sorry, I can't post the URL). For initial setup, I liked the "Listener" window. When it's run, it will show you what Broadcast address and UDP port you're listening to (configurable, of course), and any WakeOnLan packets that are detected show up in a list. Very handy for verifying that you're sending WOL packets correctly! As with all freeware, it does have its quirks: one menu that I think could be eliminated is "Language". It lists six languages but how often do you need to change GUI language? This should be moved to a configuration dialog. Unfortunately, WOL documentation is badly out of date. For instance, screen captures show three menus whereas the downloaded v2.06.4 SW has six! One of the instructions refers to a "Configuration page" but there isn't one, at least one by that name. You can create Groups of computers to help manage large numbers of them (e.g. to start up or shut down several at a time) but there is no description of Groups in the documentation at all. Etc! The documentation is a shame because the software is quite good and deserves better. Hope this helps someone!

  • Russian translate very and very bad ((