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Summary of changes in aqsis-1.8.2 Bug Fixes --------- * Define empty RiDeformationV for third-party applications that link to our ri2rib library. * Minor tweaks to building on Win32. =================================================================== Summary of changes in aqsis-1.8.1 Minor packaging fix =================================================================== Summary of changes in aqsis-1.8.0 Major features -------------- * Move to BSD licensing for all new code. - Partially complete; ri2rib functionality is now BSD. * Point-based global illumination (Chris Foster) - Point-based ambient occlusion via occlusion() shadeop - Point-based color bleeding via indirectdiffuse() shadeop - ptview GUI for point clouds - bake3d() and texture3d() shadeop support - Attribute for non raster-oriented dicing - Attribute "cull" "int backfacing" "int hidden" - Point cloud IO using PartIO from Disney * RIB and API enhancements (Chris Foster) - New and fast RIB parser, with precise syntax error reporting - BSD licensed libri2rib - miqser archive interpolation and RI validation - Produce valid RIB stream of commands seen by the renderer using -echoapi, including procedural expansions. - Extensive RI validation, including lenghts of all arrays - Reinstate support for command line frame selection (-frames, -framelist) - ArchiveBegin / ArchiveEnd for in-memory caching of RIB archives - RiContext() / RiGetContext() now supported for core renderer lib - RiBegin("something.rib") can be used to produce RIB via the core renderer lib. - Make RIB conditional handling suck slightly less * Use Qt for all GUI tools (Chris Foster) - Thumbnails for rendered images in piqsl - Modern non-ugly widgets! - 64-bit OSX support * Sphynx for documentation (Paul Gregory / Leon Atkinson) Features and improvements ------------------------- * Implement multi-map style point light shadows (Paul Gregory) * MinGW support (Paul Gregory / Bart Janssens) * Updated SLO interface to match other renderer APIs (Malcolm Humphries) * AqsisConfig.cmake for linking before install (Timothy Shead) * Memory optimizations (Chris Foster) * PNG reading support in aqsis_tex (Peter Dusel) Deprecations ------------ * Removed legacy framebuffer * Remove aqsis-specific RiPreWorldFunction and RiPreRenderFunction Bug Fixes --------- * Fix slxargs to report shader variable storage types (Chris Foster) * Bugfix 2907180: The '@' expansion doesn't work on MacOSX (Chris Foster) * Light handle names are preserved by miqser and libri2rib (Chris Foster) * Bugfix 2999529: Floats slightly truncated in .slx files (Chris Foster) * Bugfix 2978546: "SHADEOP_TABLE" missing C extern tag (Chris Foster) * Bugfix 2925557: Pisql locks up if you zoom in too far. (Chris Foster) * Bugfix 2892116: Non-errors reported loudly when using a DSO shadeop (Paul Gregory) * Fix bad vector/normal transform from shader space (Chris Foster) * Fix corruption of shader default params by primvars (Chris Foster) * Bugfix 3345371: transparent grids crash motion blurred primitives (Jonathan Merritt) * Bugfix 3338304: PatchMesh fails to render under motion blur (Jonathan Merritt) * Bugfix 3295033: Fails to compile with Boost 1.46 (Chris Foster) * Tag rendered TIFF files with resolution unit of none (Chris Foster) * fix for part of bug #3288739 (Paul Gregory)
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