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  • Works great in Windows

  • Fantastic job, many thanks for telling

  • great application

  • great program, fun to kill time!

  • I am creating very cute flames with Apophysis. But I think we need new update...

  • Awesome project, I find it very useful.

  • Fantastic project, thanks a ton for telling

  • Beneficial project, thanks for your time for writing

  • Funny, like as GPU Flame Fractal Renderer

  • Fantastic program, I've been using it for years and have always loved it. I'd like to also add more agreement that Xyrus02's version has changes I'd be very glad to see implemented here. After another year or two of experience I'd love to join the project.

  • One of my images I made with this just got a today's best award at Zazzle. The only issue I have with Apophysis is the lengthy rendering time in order to get a quality image. Used to set it to render before I went to bed at night. I also use Ultra Fractal. Apophysis is very good for freeware. I recommend it to anyone getting started on fractals, very easy to learn and there are tons of scripts for it out there.

  • Awesome program, but agree with schindlabua that it would be really cool if Xyrus02's and your versions were combined. Thanks again

  • very good project

  • the most excellent program on the earth

  • Crashes a lot. And the editor window doesn't show up correctly - people seem to use mostly the random features so they don't bother to use the editor but I was trying to recreate a flame from the parameters of UltraFractal and couldn't do it because the editor window is all messed up.

  • Excellent!!

  • Gorgeous. Excellent App!

  • i love apophysis... but i am having a problem wit this one.... whenever i render an image with a background other than white, the background comes out as white and the picture does not look as good as it would with a black backround (red, blue, gray... etc.) does anybody know a way to fix this?

  • Nice and handy... but why is it called "freeware" in the website when it is actually "opensource"? freeware means the source is not available and it is incompatible with the GPL license.

  • I would recommend Apophysis to anyone and often do. I have taken it beyond the geometric and into the realm of fractal illusion.

  • awesome, but tbh, I like Xyrus02's verision more. But this new 'linked before' feature is really useful. Why don't you guys work together with Xyrus?

  • I can't thank you enough for the new upgrade, you've given more than I could have dreamed of asking for, the addiction continues

  • It is a very powerfull Flame generator, but as with all fractal programs, mastering does not come easy. As an open source project, it fails somewhat, as it uses the commercial Delphi compiler, and if you try to use free version, you will be missing several commercial - for money - components, that are needed for an unmodified build. Delphi has the disadvantage that does not support 64 bit compilation, which could probably speed up the program.