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  • First Impression it's nice (in Vbox) then I installed it on my laptop. First impression, it sucks! No one should have to do much of anything other then select what service provider they want so they can hook up to the wifi. I had to run ifconfig wlan0 up. scan then apply the ssid more than once to get it hooked up, then still I could not get a wifi line out. that is sad, I've installed this other knock off (derivative) Debian disto at least it was set up to have a means to get to the internet within the app tray using wicd, this one, nothing. I got nothing in this one. On any of the fancy desktops that are installed on it. for all of the work that has gone into this distro they have failed miserably. no excuse to have fail so badly in something that no one should have to look up how to hook up to the wifi. which is useless if one is in this disto trying to get a wifi line out so they can look it up. when they cannot even get it to work to begin with. default settings should be the internet running with something in the system tray for the user to just click and select what service provider they want and bada bing they are in.

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  • Started using Antix 16.1, ,for daily use on all my laptops old and less old :):) I love the speed ,lightness and the clean desktop. Running on an old Pentium M 1.60ghz with 1GBRAm and on a Sony VAIO FS 315,(this is the less old):):). i never had used linux before,i somehow bumped into it while still using windows (XP since these machines wouldnt run windows 7 ),and due to the limitation i had to look for alternatives if i wanted to keep these laptops on duty...:) Unetbooting i think i used my first time to get the distribution package on a Live USB,tried it ,loved it at first sight,installed it on HDD and of i go!(these days i prefer rufus but it is up to you to choose. All bookmarks and passwords were easy to get by synching my browser (I use now Slimjet ,best faster browser ever,and light.I boot and have OS and browser open with only 130MB RAM consumed ,after installation on the HDD ) In all I advise everyone who has 10 minutes to spare to check it out. especially if you ve never used linux before,i think you ll be amazed !! And this can be a life-changing experience,i know what i m talking about..:) i can use youtube without opening a browser,(since there is the brilliant SMTube that makes it easy!! If your needs are programming i need not say anything ,you already know about the options available. But office apps users ,do not despair ,you get all the apps needed for free too!!!(Libre office),as well as several PDF readers. Games you ask??too many to mention and lots of other goodies for everything you ever wanted to do with your computer..:):) it does actually fly after all,it wasnt an ancient Greek myth .:) update:since then ,i ve updated to 17.3 just to try ,but i think i ll stick with 16.3 ,i prefer it(and it is smaller by a few MBs. About the networking and the reported by others problems to connect , I think their source is the fact that today people expect everything to work without any effort from the user's part,not even reading the "user manual" is like saying use your intuition ,in which case i d double that ,exactly this is what you need ,intuition ,everything is there ,you just need to get out of the MSwindows mentality. I started paying more attention to instructions and put on my solver's hat (that is to say i started thinking ,not just clicking).It is really easy to connect to wifi ,with 2(or more) possible alternatives ,(which is double from what a windows system would offer to users). Just go to control panel -network and have a play around with the options offered there (ceni,wicd ).I m sure you ll be up and connected before i can say antix twice....:):)

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  • My raison d'être for using AntiX-MX-15 is its incredible versatility--it just works. On everything I've ever thrown it on. Never met a wifi chipset it wasn't able to detect--in the background--and connect with my ancient Belkin router OOTB. It's easy to update, modify and enhance, especially with apt-get. You can add other debian-based repositories to it (such as Sparky's). And the modified Xfce interface is easy to get used to, doesn't get in the way, and doesn't seem to bog down the limited system resources of even the most decrepit Atom n270 netbooks--even with just 1 GB of RAM. It also works great on my 12 GB i5 notebook.

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  • installation does not work: I downloaded antix-16-x64-base.iso from this site and booted by grub2 from iso on hdd: menuentry "antiX ISO Boot" { insmod part_msdos insmod ext2 set isofile='(hd0,msdos10)/antix.iso' loopback loop $isofile linux (loop)/antiX/vmlinuz from=hd fromiso=/antix.iso initrd (loop)/antiX/initrd.gz } Then i press install, answer question, then program says: "install will now run", opens terminal (0.1sec), closes terminal and nothing else.

  • I like this beast solid Distro!

  • Smart work.

  • good project

  • I have an old Dell Inspiron 1200 Notebook that I use as a backup/side-tool that struggles with just about any OS given to it. It's low spec and it's upgrade ability is severely limited. All versions of Windows after XP were too much for this computer. I spent months trying to find an OS that would suffice for this old computer. Even Lubuntu was too much. All other Linux distros aimed at older computers either simply would not work or required too much knowledge of Linux for a new or average user. I was about to give up completely on using this old computer when I decided one more time to give all the small distros another chance. How or why I overlooked antiX is beyond me, but I'm glad I took another run at this. antiX was easy enough to install and runs smoothly and quickly. iceWM is still a wee bit lacking, but they've added enough scripts and GUI windows for dealing with settings and the applications menu. Once you take care of settings, update the system and programs and install what you want/need, then it's smooth sailing from then on. I've got some old towers and desktops sitting in a closet that might now benefit from antiX.

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  • antiX has long been one of the finest distributions available. I say that for many reasons. Here are a few: it is reasonably easy to install (trivial for a veteran, reasonable for a novice), yet it extremely easy to customize to make it just the way you want it. You can run it live or you can install it. The forum is helpful and the people respond to feature requests. Of course, anticapitalista is an excellent distribution creator, who has created small to medium sized implementations with great success. I have used the Beta 3 version of antiX 15 plus nearly every version and build since 2006 and I can personally vouch for any of them and heartily recommend antiX!

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  • Me encanta Antix Linux, de lo mejor entre lo mejor que he probado. anticapitalista rules +10 Me interesa saber los requerimientos minimos de sistema, ya que no los encuentro en la página.

  • Hands down best OS for computers that only have 4gb of internal storage. It's 2014 and 98%+ of Linux distros do not fit on 4gb of internal storage so if you have a Asus EEE 4G then this OS is without a doubt the best option. Thanks to the creator(s) of this OS!.

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  • RE: antiX-13_386-full.iso is not x86. it's x86_64. It is. I have uploaded a newer antiX-13_386-full.iso that will remove that error notice. The original iso is just fine, it is the message that is wrong. anticapitalista

  • Surprisingly easy to install via USB - download the .iso, write it to a USB key with Rufus.exe under WinXP (or equivalent under Linux I guess), boot from USB and install from the running system to the hard drive. The install includes Gparted and Grub for repartitioning and dual-booting if required. Lightweight and quick, but wireless support could be improved (it takes a bit of sorting out).

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  • Wonderful. Share a website with you , ( ) Believe you will love it. We accept any form of payment.

  • Very useful app.All Muslims must have this app. Many many salutes to the development team

  • Wonderful. Share a website with you , ( ) Believe you will love it. We accept any form of payment.

  • No wireless support without Windoze drivers? Most distros I've tried recently connect right out of the box.

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  • Linux guy since the 2.0 kernel ages... but for the first time getting a permanent install to serve needs of my family - found AntiX googling for a lite distro that would do a better job than WXP on a 6+ yr old box that somebody gave me. I'm astonished ! This box runs now a pair in speed with other much newer W-boxes, even better than mi iMac. My daughter became de-facto big fan of Linux after fearing the learning curve - of which was almost flat. Wifi, audio, video, all worked wi/o need to configure - just making Flash run took some extra steps. All swift, installation was easy, and the UI is clean, well organized and intuitive. Kudos for AntiX ! Will recommend to every one I see !

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  • Easy to install, powerful, light and flexible.