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== Sample data for AMOS == =========================== tutorial.tgz ============ This contains the tutorial data described in: Treangen et al. (2011) UNIT 11.8 Next Generation Sequence Assembly with AMOS. Current Protocols in Bioinformatics. 33:11.8.1-11.8.18. staph_aureus.bnk.tgz ==================== This file contains the complete assembly of the 2.9Mbp Staphylococcus aureus genome. The genome was assembled using the pre-assembly error correction program Quake and the Celera Assembler from ~25x coverage of 100bp reads sequenced at the Broad Institute using an Illumina Genome Analyzer II (SRA study SRP001086). These mated reads were sequenced using a combination of ~20x coverage of a 165bp fragment library, and ~5x coverage of a 3.5kbp jumping library. staph_aureus.ctg2533.bnk.tgz ============================ This bank has a single large 90kbp contig from the complete S. aureus assembly described above.
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