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  • Fantastic project. So useful. Really brings control of the DA/AD converters to the open source realm for the user.

  • Great stuff.

  • AMS is stunning, you can either use the tutorial (and other) examples to learn modular synthesis the easy way - play with the huge range of instruments and demos, or go hardcore and roll your own. If you have a wind controller this is the answer to a prayer, since so many other soft synths are less than co-operative or seriously over-priced. And this is not only excellent, but free! All praise to the devs.... The way to get your wind-controller going so that the dynamics work is to unhook the VCA control line from its envelope generator and attach it to the Aftertouch output on the MIDI to CV block. If your Midi to CV does not have an Aftertouch output, right-click on the worktop, select the Advanced Midi to CV block. This has what you need. Transfer the existing lines from the old Midi to CV to the new one, then delete the old one. You can then go on to link other controllers to filter frequency/resonance etc. Customisation! If you don't have a wind controller - then whatever you have then AMS can probably be configured to fit like a glove - it is modular, after all. And it runs well on a 2008 laptop. A remarkable piece of work. Highly recommended.

  • Amazing job

  • Not only is this a great modular synth, but it's easy to add new kinds of modules. And, boy is the price right. A $200 refurbished netbook, plus AlsaModularSynth, can do things that a $20,000 rackmount modular synth can't do. Add a few of the cheap Korg or Akai knob-boxes, and you can really go to town on the cheap.

  • Brilliant Synthesizer, AMS always surprise me by creating a completely unexpected sound when changing few settings.

  • Super tool. I was near to the idea to buy a cheep synthesizer but this program has solved my needs. With a MIDI cotroller and a MIDI keyboard it is possible to make every sound I like at the same time and it has the feeling of a real modular synth. Great job.