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ALGOL68G - ALGOL 68 GENIE Algol68G is an implementation of Algol 68 as defined by the Revised Report. It ranks among the most complete implementations of the language. Algol68G is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The author of this software does not accept responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it or for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all. See the GNU General Public License for more details. The GNU General Public License does not permit this software to be redistributed in proprietary programs. THE ALGOL 68 GENIE PROJECT The development of Algol played an important role in establishing computer science as an academic discipline. The Algol 68 Genie project preserves and promotes Algol 68 out of educational as well as scientific-historical interest, by making available a recent checkout compiler-interpreter written from scratch by Marcel van der Veer. Algol 68 Genie is a fast compiler-interpreter which ranks among the most complete implementations of the language; it supports for instance * partial parametrisation, * parallel processing, * formatted transput and a * refinement preprocessor. A detailed description of Algol 68 is in the book Learning Algol 68 Genie which contains an informal introduction to the language, a manual for Algol 68 Genie, and the Revised Report on Algol 68. Algol 68 is a secure, expression-oriented programming language with which you elegantly code algorithms without having to bother too much about irrelevant technical details and limitations inherent to many other languages. Algol 68 Genie offers for example: * many runtime checks facilitating debugging and improving the reliability of your programs, * native support for arbitrary precision arithmetic including complex numbers, * syntactic constructions to support linear algebra, * a gdb-style debugger and a pretty-printer to beautify source code, * optional linkage to GNU plotutils, the GNU scientific library or PostgreSQL, * extensions as UNIX pipes, regular expression matching, and web page content fetching. Author of Algol68G is Marcel van der Veer <>. Web pages for Algol68G are at <>. Documentation is available from the web pages for Algol68G. INSTALLATION 1) WIN32 BINARY PACKAGE Unpack the distribution and start command shell cmd.exe. From this shell, enter algol68g-VERSION's directory and start a68g.exe. 2) LINUX, UNIX, BSD, MACOS X Please refer to file INSTALL or the manual for detailed instructions. Since Algol 68 Genie complies with the GNU build system, a reasonably experienced user can execute: tar -xzvf algol68g-VERSION.tgz cd algol68g-VERSION ./configure make make check [su] make install TEST SET The Algol 68 Genie distribution has circa 200 programs in the 'test-set' directory. This test set is very similar to the test set used in the 1980's to validate the ALGOL68RS compilers [Algol Bulletin 49.2]. The test set contains programs from the "Revised Mathematisch Centrum Algol 68 Test Set" [1979] and synthetic programs from the "Rennes test set" [1975]. The "Rennes test-set" programs are automatically generated from the Algol 68 grammar using a formalism from Bernard Houssais (Universite de Rennes). Especially the "Rennes test set" has proven very effective in exposing problems in Algol 68 implementations. The "Revised Mathematisch Centrum test set" programs are not synthetic like those in the "Rennes test set", but are selected programmer-made applications that are distributed with Algol 68 Genie with kind permission of the author of this test set, Dick Grune. All programs are converted to upper-stropping and reformatted for lay-out. Some programs have minor modifications to make them run as batch jobs. Note that circa one-third of the programs in this test set will fail; most due to intentional (syntactic or runtime) errors and a few due to differences between Algol 68 Genie and revised Algol 68. These test sets are available from: or from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: The complete test set for regression-testing Algol 68 Genie comprises almost 1600 programs.
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