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  • This is not anywhere near enterprise class. It takes far to much memory, takes far too long to start, and cannot handle the file volume necessary to meet enterprise level DMS requirements, or even the most modest of legal practice's DMS requirements. The features might be there, in theory, but the implementation leaves this system unusable. In my case it takes about 10 minutes to start up. It started running out of Java heap space after about 5,000 to 10,000 documents had been added. The command line export does not work, and now I am battling Alfresco just to get my documents back out of it. I rate this software unmerchantable. Also, at least two of the 5 star reviews are blatantly from the vendor, so take the positive reviews with more than a grain of salt.

  • I am the Product Manager for Alfresco Community Edition. SourceForge doesn't give me the ability to respond to reviews, so I will do it this way. Alfresco Community Edition is the open source product that forms the basis for the proprietary Alfresco Enterprise Edition. The two products share over 90% of the source code. Alfresco is not a perfect product, but it meets important document management and collaboration needs for many people. I looked through the reviews, and I don't recognize any of the reviewers. We have never paid for a review, and I have no reason to believe that any of the reviews are fakes. However, some of the negative reviews make useful observations. I think the problems cited share a few root causes: * Many people use Alfresco for the wrong purpose. Alfresco is not a Web Content Management system. It is an Enterprise Content Management system / Document Repository. It used to have a WCM component, but this was removed because it was never as good as true WCM solutions. * Alfresco is a complex piece of enterprise software. Though we try to make it easy to adopt and deploy, there is still a learning curve. Document management projects are inherently complex, and often fail regardless of the quality of the software. (I give us 4 stars on "Ease".) * The stability and polish in Community Edition varies with where we are in the Enterprise Edition release cycle. We were not very good at communicating which releases were for feedback on new features, versus which releases we expected to be broadly adopted. We now differentiate between Early Access and Generally Available releases, so this situation has improved. * Alfresco does not support Community Edition, and so when someone has a problem they often struggle to find solutions. It is hard to build a business model around an open source product, but we are looking at ways to help people be successful while still paying our developers to improve the product. (I give our community support 4 stars, but I think our enterprise support is worthy of 5.) * Alfresco Community Edition is open source, but we need to improve at collaborating with our community contributors and accepting those contributions into the product. We roll out new features at a fast pace, and don't always take the time to review and polish contributions sufficient for them to become part of the core product. Improving this situation is a high priority. I am very proud of our 5.0.d release, and am giving it 5 stars. But I admit that I am biased.

  • Fake reviews and shitty product make the company even more shitty.

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  • That's really great application, that has a lot of features and abilities. 5 stars from me

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  • Not really open source DMS in addition of poor collaboration with open source community

  • Fantastic Work By Alfresco Management, they solve all the issues for Alfresco cloud & its hosting purposes

  • Shocking! How could any of those reviewers be real?! Firstly, it is not a small program, secondly, it is not easy to use, thirdly, it isn't just a "program" or "tool", it's much more complicated than that. Having to have to provide support to a user base for this sub-standard product I can vouch that it is neither simple nor easy to use. It is full of bugs, report them to support and all they do is either deny it's a problem or put it in a list of issues to address (that will never get addressed anyway). It has lots of good ideas, sure, but NONE of them are finished. They're all hacked together so that they look like they're working, at least when the sales guy comes in to present them, but they don't. Website content management is a joke - it would be more reliable to edit HTML files in notepad over FTP. The security system sucks - to change some settings you need to be an administrator. Unfortunately being an administrator gives you full access to everything, including spaces that users believe are "confidential". This makes sense for administrators, but not for users who need access to change a setting. All the stuff that they copy off sharepoint (edit offline, CFS) doesn't work, or if it does work, it only works sometimes. The best way to get files into the system is over FTP, webdav sometimes works, CIFS can bomb out or deny access randomly. The web interface always sets the wrong MIME type on some files (html, video) after upload. But it is not simply a "tool" or "program", it's one big freaking huge monolith packed with half finished features. It's a DIY skyscraper. Like a programmer watched someone build a cubby house on "better homes and gardens" and decided to build a aircraft carrier following the same logic. The open source part of it is a joke. The community code is unmaintained and doesn't remotely match what is being used in the enterprise version. Try tracing down errors by following the stack dump with the files in the community branch and you'll find literally thousands of lines missing. ONLY if you and your staff are happy with this product you should move to Enterprise. If you are using community and finding issues, DO NOT take the recommendation that you should move to Enterprise - and do not think for a SECOND that the costs are cheaper than sharepoint. It takes on average THREE DAYS to upgrade Alfresco, and it's all done by hand! Sharepoint is a matter of running an EXE file. DONE. The cost of maintainance, storage, beefier server hardware needed to run this monolith, plus the cost of at least 2-3 people to support it, PLUS a consultant, PLUS the license fee, you might as well move to sharepoint and just be happy to pay the extra $$$ just so you don't have to support the blooming thing. I would not rate this product highly, and take the short reviews with a grain of salt. You should be worried about a company that has to post FAKE REVIEWS to bolster their product rating!

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  • Reall useful stuff for me.

  • Not really open source and almost every recommendation is a fake. In fact, this CMS is terrible to use!

  • Cool and easy of use. Thanks!

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  • Very easy to use and powerful program

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  • Good and useful software

  • Good useful program

  • Great tool

  • Good Soft! Thank. Excellent application!

  • Yes. It is not wordpress for blondes girls. It's mostly for geeks. Who know more than 1-2 click buttons.

  • Nice free ECM solution!

  • Good free ECM solution.

  • this's so easy. tank's 4 u'r kind

  • Very usable utility

  • I wouldn't pack with anything else.

  • Quick and easy to use.

  • All apps open source. Excellent.

  • Very good tool.

  • great tool

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