AlacrityPC is a utility designed to help you get the most performance out of your computer when running resource intensive applications, like modern games. It does this by shutting down unnecessary services and programs before starting your application. When you finish your application, those services and programs can be automatically restarted.
AlacrityPC also provides some additional optimizations, like memory defragmenting, removing your desktop background, shutting down the desktop shell and Vista Sidebar, and forcing background tasks to execute.
AlacrityPC is the sequel to FSAutoStart. It is written in C# .NET 2.0.


  • optimization
  • gaming profiles
  • memory defragmentation
  • services administration

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  • CLOSE CODE!!!! NOT FREE!!!!! License^ License Agreement AlacrityPC Copyright 2008 (C) by Ken Salter. All rights reserved. Distribution of copies, derivations, or distributions of this material without the express written consent of the copyright holder is strictly forbidden. No charge, other than an "at-cost" distribution fee, may be charged for copies, derivations, or distributions of this material without the express written consent of the copyright holder. In such cases where distribution permission is granted by the copyright holder, redistribution and use in binary forms are permitted provided that this entire copyright notice is duplicated in all such copies. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ``AS IS'' AND WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHOR BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. Лицензионное Соглашение AlacrityPC Copyright 2008 (C) Кен Солтером. Все права защищены. Распределение экземпляров, язык, или распределений данного материала без письменного согласия владельца авторских прав строго запрещено. Нет заряда, иное, чем "на-стоимость" плату распределения, не может быть обвинен копии, язык, или распределений данного материала без письменного согласия владельца авторских прав. В таких случаях, когда разрешение распределение предоставленных владельцем авторских прав, перераспределения и использования в бинарных форм разрешается при условии, что вся эта уведомление об авторских правах дублируется во всех таких копий. ЭТО ПРОГРАММНОЕ ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЕ `` КАК ЕСТЬ '' И БЕЗ КАКИХ-ЛИБО ЯВНЫХ ИЛИ ПОДРАЗУМЕВАЕМЫХ ГАРАНТИЙ, ВКЛЮЧАЯ, БЕЗ ОГРАНИЧЕНИЙ, ПОДРАЗУМЕВАЕМЫЕ ГАРАНТИИ ТОВАРНОЙ ПРИГОДНОСТИ И ДЛЯ КАКОЙ-ЛИБО ЦЕЛИ. НИ В КОЕМ СЛУЧАЕ АВТОР НЕ НЕСЕТ ОТВЕТСТВЕННОСТИ ЗА КАКОЙ-ЛИБО ПРЯМОЙ, КОСВЕННЫЙ, СЛУЧАЙНЫЙ, ОСОБЫЙ ИЛИ КОСВЕННЫЙ УЩЕРБ (ВКЛЮЧАЯ, НО НЕ ОГРАНИЧИВАЯСЬ, ПОТЕРИ ДАННЫХ, ИЛИ ПРИБЫЛИ ИЛИ ПРИОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ БИЗНЕСА), ТЕМ НЕ МЕНЕЕ ВЫЗВАННЫЕ И В ЛЮБОЙ ТЕОРИИ ОТВЕТСТВЕННОСТЬ, БУДЬ ТО КОНТРАКТ, СТРОГОЙ ОТВЕТСТВЕННОСТИ, ИЛИ ПРАВОНАРУШЕНИЯ (ВКЛЮЧАЯ ХАЛАТНОСТЬ), ВОЗНИКАЮЩИЕ ИЗ-ЗА ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЯ ДАННОГО ПРОГРАММНОГО ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЯ, ДАЖЕ ЕСЛИ О ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ ТАКОГО УЩЕРБА. Хотел добавить на сайт xn--90abhbolvbbfgb9aje4m.xn--p1ai

  • I like this program. I have three comments about it though. 1-Bringing back the default settings is difficult, even after uninstallation. If I remember correctly, the APPDATA folder in Window's user profile keeps information after an uninstall, so getting the default settings back requires more attention than most other programs I use. 2-Keeping it functional seems a bit fragile (programs list for optimizing keeps old entries, and I have run into problems there.) 3-The initial setup takes a bit of time, but isn't difficult. Final words: This program is very good at what it does, but it has some useability issues.

  • If you are running a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), this little jewel will help you shut down all the junk you don't need while running your audio production software. In my case, Cubase 6. I was able to squeeze every bit of power out of my computer when recording and running VST plugs. Great tool for tweaking performance!

  • I tried this program with Flight Simulator X on two flights, one to Boeing Field, and the other to Seattle-Tacoma International, in Seattle, WA, Prior to using this program, FSX would always freeze about 10 miles from the airport. With use of Alacrity PC, was able to complete both flights successfully. I used stop then restart on a number of services and programs. It worked beautifully! Not sure which services or programs were causing the freezeup, but everything proceeds as the manual says. Even included a time delay so I can start Active Sky 2012, then enter my flight plan and download Active Sky weather before starting FSX. I am one very happy camper! Jim Kaye

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Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop

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.NET/Mono, Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language

C#, C++