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  • It's my favorite editor, during many years now. Simple, but with surprisingly many features, and very customizable. The only problem is its poor documentation. When you want to do something more complex, not so intuitive, then it can be hard to figure how. Many instructions for programmers, but not so for end-users. Though people in forum give advice rather soon, I would prefer ready docs on how to do all things, and that these docs would be well organized in one place or in a single hub (rather than pieces of info in various strange places).

  • I like it in the main, could get the spell check happening, though, familiar story there, I'm afraid. Woefully inadequate instruction + description of what the 4 different spell check plug ins do + how you'd go about getting them up + running. I then realized there was a 64 bit version which is how I ended up here on SourceForge, but apparently it's a secret of some kind, or perhaps you need to be a "member" of some group, I don't know? It's not immediately apparent like the other versions, if I didn't know it existed I certainly wouldn't find out about it here, there's more chance of me writing one for myself! I can't rate Support (below) as I have no experience of it, however, given what I know of the available instruction I imagine that inexperience won't apply for too much longer.

  • !

  • AkelPad это отличная, не только как блокнот, а как офисный интернет-менеджер хранитель всех посещённых web-страниц и мгновенного их запуска в любое время. К тому же со своей поисковой строкой по содержанию. С помощью его можно создавать любые каталоги. Толи это фильмы, список названий папок и файлов на любых носителях и другое. Главное AkelPad нужно грамотно установить, чтобы он работал через TotalCommander v.7.0 и поддерживал любую скопированную URL-ку в активном состоянии. Для этого нужно, чтобы были его все необходимые плагины во включённом состоянии. И самое основное чтобы настройки у него были произведены правильно. Была бы оценка 6, я ему бы её дал!

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  • Crashes when SaveSettings (•) INI ... instead of default Registry A shame ! I was ready to appraise AkelPad further. Cons: • no shortcut keys to toggle Read only • requires medium/advanced experience to customize registry eg, time/date formats • INI file settings causes AkelPad to crash • Several plugins could not be selected -- showed alert "~~ does not support AutoLoad" • Orphan doc with "Msgbox "my message" showed 14 msgboxes to do a simple VBS test I can test a VBS file in WinExplorer and get one msgbox or one error-alert ----- My Specs Win7 Home Premium 32bit

  • great app but i have problem with arabic letters appear separated ! this problem from 4.2.6 and above but i'm not found this problem in 4.2.5 or any version before 4.2.6 ? PLEASE SUPPORT RTL IN AKELPAD Thanks :)

  • Amazing. Really simple and tiny, yet very powerful text editor. No bloat. No bugs.

  • Thanks for Akelpad, it's great!

  • My favorite for simple texts. Easy, powerful, great customization capability. Developers promptly answer when you have questions how to customize etc. In order to discover all the possibilities, try to enable various plugins and play with configuration. Soon you will have exactly what you need. E.g. do you know you can have "Stats" button right on your toolbar? You can remove or rearrange all buttons just how you like... Respect, well done guys! RU: Чтобы найти все возможности, попробуйте включать разные плагины и поиграйте с конфигами. Скоро у вас получится именно то, что надо. Например, вы знаете, что можно поставить кнопку "Статистика" прямо на панель инструментов? Можно убрать все лишние кнопки, а остальные переставить так, как вам нравится... Уважуха, молодцы ребята!

  • Best text editor, and i want a linux version too...

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  • amazing completely configurable program: depending on your needs, it could look and behave either as simple Notepad or as advanced programmer's editor such as Notepad++.

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Super!

  • Thank you guys for your work!

  • I use akelpad more than a year. It helps me in programming (plugin Coder). Respect to developer.

  • Superb job, thanks for your time for sharing

  • This program is really great! Does what it says! I really like its coder autocomplete feature. Keep up the good work! Thanks to all the developers.

  • Does its job smoothly, It should be replaced by windoz notepad immediatly just after the format, or now. :)

  • Plese create a Linux version

  • Great tool!

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