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  • I Really consider this app the perfect program I ever tried! => check this site for Free Gift Cards :

  • Could not get ownCloud to do what I wanted and it didn't run well on a Windows server but Pydio does great. Sync client works well now too. Overall excellent.

  • PRO: • Focuses on file management (and does not want to be a mediocre monolith for every thing; there are other platforms dedicated to calendar/task/mail management → Unix principle) • Permits external changes to files on the server while the Pydio instance is running → possibility to access them with other protocols like SSH, Samba, Git… • Many ways of customization • Appealing design • Extensible by plugins • Drop boxes may be created (files may be uploaded by anyone but are only visible to the owner of the drop box) • Single download links are possible (if the recipient has downloaded the file, no one else has) • Online editing of text documents with syntax highlighting • Captcha entry required when you fail to login three times • Runs acceptably fast on my Raspberry 2 (in my opinion) CONTRA: • Minor bugs concerning usability • UI could be faster if the operations would be queued on the client and executed asynchronously • Pydio client not stable on my Linux desktop (but Pydio is compatible to Unison which is able to synchronize millions of files fast over SSH, but you could also use Syncthing or whatever)

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  • A good third of the work, but only a third : miss calendar and contacts (caldav , carddav)

  • Pydio was the perfect solution for editing my website without needing to load coding IDEs on the local machine. This is the perfect tool to allow quick bug fixes from any remote location (ie: hotel, home, work, school, smartphone, etc.) This allows me to even update my website files when ftp is blocked by certain networks! It works good and can be installed alongside of ISPConfig 3.0 and any other 3rd party application that I have come across so far. Setting it up took a few minutes and retries to get all settings to work right, but all in all it is a excellent product and I highly recommend it for webmasters!

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  • Great tool. Lacks a desktop app like OwnCloud offers. But comes with iOS and Android apps.

  • Sry, but your Software doesn't work well. I'm testing it now for three months and had nothing but trouble with it - one day it works, the next day again not. I'll search for another software now.

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  • It is a very good software initiative, but not yet mature, still a lot of bugs with lost of data ;( I test it with metadata plugin !

  • Oigan excelente me encantaria aportar con la traducción al español... gracias a todos los desarrolladores.

  • Great!

  • Give up. Lots of bugs. Lost of time.

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  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

  • O! I didn't expect that this tool is so great!

  • Wow, I like using AjaXplorer with Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP, and with a little configuration, this is a very nice ssl cloud/file-server solution. You can tell cdujeu put some time in building a quality application with lots of useful plugins. Thank you!

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Runs perfectly on LAMP environment. I own a shared Linux based hosting plan on GoDaddy, and the installation of the whole package takes only 5 minutes. Configure some repositories take few more time, about 2 hours, but finally the file-manager was able to do a nice job. The only big issue: upgrade from version 4.2.3 to 4.3.2 unexpectedly lock my administrator account, displaying a persistent message 'Ooops, it seems that your security token has expired!'. Unable to find any help or solution to this issue, I was forced to downgrade from 4.3.2 to 4.2.3 which solved my problem.

  • Very good tool!!

  • Perfect...! I would be lost without it in win 8 ty makers ! Joop

  • Nice piece of software, we've been able to get rid of the outlook, thanks.

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  • AjaXplorer is a very useful tool for remote file manager via web.

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