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Agilefant 3.5.4 Release notes 2015-07-03 -- Please spend a couple of minutes to register your organization at If you need support for your open source Agilefant version, we also offer support via the Agilefant development team. See more details at Getting a support contract is also a great way to support Agilefant development efforts. That helps us keep Agilefant open source forever.! Agilefant is now also available as a hosted cloud version at +--------------------+ | CHANGESET | +--------------------+ Changes from 3.5.3 2015-07-03 Bug fixes: + Fix endless loop when loading iteration burndown Changes from 3.5.2 2015-02-23 Bug fixes: + Fix burnup and burndown graphs (were not working at all on some servers) + Security fix: Prevent non-admins from changing admin value + Fix database import (on Windows Google Chrome there was "Content-Type not allowed" error) + Fix leaf stories tab: show story labels and task spent effort immediately (without modifying the story or task) + Fix left menu to show all backlogs if the backlogs list is long + Fix removing selected backlog in create new menu Usability improved: + My work, Reporting, and Dashboards Automatically enabled for new and existing accounts + Admin users can now see all backlogs, even if his team(s) does not have access rights to the backlog + When creating new user, add the user by default to all teams if creator is admin, or to creator's teams if creator is non-admin + Moving stories from one backlog to another speeded up + Renamed Daily Work tab to My Work + Renamed Portfolio & Dashboards tab to Dashboards + Renamed Timesheets tab to Reporting Changes from 3.5.1 2014-05-02 + Fixed problem related to Firefox 29: dailywork and iteration views were not loading Changes from 3.5 2014-04-07 + Fixed Java 8 compatibility problem Changes from 3.4 2014-04-03 New features and improvements: + Password hashing changed to Bcrypt + Search includes strings from from backlog/story/task descriptions + Speeded up search + Increased search results limit to 500 + Speeded up queries related to spent effort entries and timesheet reports + New tasks are now added to the top of the task list + Non-admins can now create other non-admin users from the users page + Added explicit reference id links for tasks + Added story task ids to timesheets' excel export + Added filtering by responsible initials to project's story tree and leaf stories + Made the sidebar resizable + Sidebar open/close button now stays always visible + You can now choose time zone when generating timesheet reports + Added search for backlog/story/task id + Added sum of left and spent hours to project's Iteration tab + Added effort spent for project total hours to project metrics Bug fixes: + When clicking on scrollbar, prevent blur event which was causing auto-save for description field + Fixed problems with database import + Added 'object not found' page when backlog is not found + Fixed showing standalone iterations in timesheets for non-admins + Fix to timesheets: show hours only from standalone iterations that the user can access + Removed max results limit when retrieving standalone iterations in timesheets page + Show standalone iterations in Project planning for non-admin users based on their access rights + Fixed spent effort to work when current date is last week of the year + Fixed selecting a day in spent effort when the year changes in middle of week + Made weekly spent effort's weekly hours dependent on the user's time zone + Made weekly spent effort's daily hour entry list dependent on the user's time zone + Do not fill backlog automatically when creating iteration in product page + Fix iteration excel export: take substring of strings over 32767 characters Changes from 3.3.3 2013-11-05 Usability improved: + Calculate from all backlogs when no backlogs are selected on the Timesheets page + Changed Timesheets default interval from Today to All past entries + Fill backlog or iteration field automatically in Create new dialog if user is on backlog or iteration page + Show ‘Filters’ text in the filter image in list views (project leaf stories and iteration views) + Help pages to open in new window + Dashboards now created from a button instead of a select menu + minor text and positioning changes + Newly created backlog now opens automatically in the left hand backlog tree after it has been created via the Create new button + Parent story now displayed in the project leaf stories list + Show ‘(none)’ instead of project name in iteration dropdown to remove story from an iteration in the Project leaf stories list view + Changed the button that opens / closes stories in list views to plus/minus + Changed the link from Agilefant logo to Daily work (was pointing at + Selected menu item in left hand Administration menu highlighted + Removed Recent link from top left menu (unused feature), restructured create new and search links + Added dropdown arrow in autocomplete boxes + Display ’No items found’ message when text typed to autocomplete does not match anything in team, user or story parent selection + Shortened footer height + Enabled autoclose when clicking outside bubble popup + User settings: Removed change password button, password can now be changed using a text field + All custom portfolios are now public + Show tasks in project’s Leaf stories tab + Removed Administration tab (Administration is still accessible from left menu) + Added scrollbar to middle area so that the header, footer and left menu do not move when the page is scrolled + Stories can now be edited on the Project planning view on the product level + Show stories and tasks in daily work as long as they are not done, even if they belong to project or iteration that has ended + Added Create new story button to daily work’s My story queue + Added create new project, iteration and story links to the product Roadmap tab + ‘Backlog’ auto-filled when creating projects and stories in the Roadmap tab + Newly created projects, iterations and stories (via the Create new -dialog) populate automatically to the current view + Keep sessions active to prevent the feeling of suddenly being logged out when returning after a long period of inactivity + Highlighted editable text fields + Highlighted required fields in Create new dialogs + Show all possible choices (teams, users, backlogs, etc. ) when clicking auto-complete input fields + Simplified Create new -dialogs by removing baseline load, planned size, story value, and labels + Added tutorial video links to help page + Renamed Dashboard (formerly known as the Portfolio) tab to Portfolio & Dashboards + Renamed custom portfolios as dashboards and dashboard widgets as metrics + Renamed Assignees as Project assignees or Iteration assignees + Renamed ‘Started’ to ‘In progress’ and its abbreviation ‘S’ to ‘I’ + Renamed Roadmap tab to Project planning + Renamed Breakdown as Story tree + Renamed the All backlogs accordion as Backlogs + Renamed ES as Spent and EL as Left + Renamed Context to Iteration for tasks without story + Renamed My stories to Story queue in daily work + Text changes to edit user page + Highlight the active backlog name in Backlogs menu + Moved standalone iterations as separate tree in Backlogs menu + Moved create new menu to left side + Removed My stories in iterations from left menu + Show add and remove all buttons in team selection when creating new user + Removed original estimate field from story lists + When creating new team, the default choice for access rights is ‘all’ Bug fixes: + Prevent nonadmins from creating users that belong to teams that the nonadmin user does not belong to + Burndown with just Spent effort wasn’t shown + Show user’s weekly hours as hours instead of minutes also for non-admin users Changes from 3.3.2 2013-08-29 Bug fixes: + Non-admin users no longer allowed to create admin users (gasp!) + Select iteration autocomplete box now shows only iterations that the user has access to + Infinite loop when fetching story metrics prevented + A bug in new wersion check comparison fixed + Backlog access code refactored + Small UX improvements + Renamed 'Story queue' in left hand side accordion => 'My stories' Changes from 3.3.1 2013-08-15 Enhancements: + Support hotline - hosted users can now chat with Agilefant Headquarters from their account Usability improved: + Help page rewritten, with links to Agilefant User Guide and FAQ + Login name is now automatically generated based on email + Daily work shows a 'loading' marker when loading data + Upon logging into a fresh, newly installed Agilefant or Cloud account, open the 'All backlogs' accordion section by default + Keyboard shortcut to show the tasks of a story + Focus goes to username on the login page (so you can just press enter to login) Bug fixes: + Vertical ordering of stories in Breakdown was broken; fixed + In some cases story ranks broke when moving stories between iterations; fixed (contribution by JBazzo) + A story that has children sometimes erroneously showed up in project leaf stories list; fixed (contribution by JBazzo) + Newly created custom portfolio view widgets did not show up without refreshing; fixed + Problems rendering the list of teams (requested at forum); fixed + Tasks in standalone iterations did not always show up in search; fixed + Effort spent in deferred stories did not show up in the Daily work Story queue; fixed Changes from 3.3 2013-06-07 Bug fixes: + Java 6 compatibility - version 3.3 required Java 7 + Fixed Nullpointerexception when clicking story in standalone iteration + Fixed task sort order bug + Corrected a bug in the parsing of the double value which depends on the current Locale + Fixed bug in exampledb.sql - only affected those who initialized database with version 3.3 exampledb.sql + Refactoring Enhancements: + Added possibility to enable/disable import database Changes from 3.2 2013-05-31 Enhancements: + Splitting unfinished stories in iterations made easier (Edit->Extract unfinished) + A small red star displays if there's a newer Agilefant version available for download + Export database changed from an SQL dump into a JSON dump; it no longer contains a history of all changes made + You can now import a JSON dump database on the Admin tab; the new items do not overwrite pre-existing data A more verbose description of the new features can be read from: Bug fixes: + DOM now updated when disabling / enabling users + Couldn't create stories into iterations from Create new->Story menu (previously, the search only included products and projects) + Added connection validation to prevent MySQL timeouts + Fixed a bug that in some cases produced huge errors to agilefant.log + Creating the readonly user required for sharing iterations as readonly now automatic when starting Agilefant on an empty database + Refactoring Changes from 3.1.1 to 3.2 2013-04-17 + Improvements to Daily Work + Renamed My Work Queue => Task queue + Renamed My Stories => Story queue + You can now use the Story queue to plan what stories you take on next across all your iterations, projects and products (works like the task queue) + Improvements to user rights + Non-admin users can now access the portfolio view and rank all the projects their teams have access to + Non-admin users can create new users to their teams + Bug fixes and small UX improvements + Story points in breakdown points always calculated correctly + Stories in projects and products with you as responsible for one or more non-done tasks are now visible in daily work + Create new -> Iteration: default end date = sysdate + 2 weeks + Navigation to parent stories now possible from Work Queue context bubbles + UX improvements to effort spent -dialog: + If delta to last logged entry > 8h => no ES autofill + Focus to close button upon saving EL + Stories in projects, products, and iterations with you as responsible for one or more tasks are now visible in daily work + Iteration velocity now calculated as story points / day + Hibernate updated to version 4 Changes from 3.1 to 3.1.1 2013-03-01 + Bug-fixes: + Fixed servlet context config (was causing "Could not create and/or set value back on to object" errors) + Fixed shared read-only iteration links Changes from 3.0.3 to 3.1 2013-02-27 + Improvements to roadmapping and release planning + The work breakdown view loads now much faster! + Nodes' points' now display the greater of (child items' points vs. their own points) + Nodes story points now show branch completion in terms of story points + Story info bubble shows the total effort spent in branch + Filtering works based on iteration name also (and not just backlog name) + Sum of ES in child stories calculated to StoryInfoBubble + You can now navigate to parent stories from iteration view story hierarchy bubble + Bug fixed: Upon hitting Esc in the Story info bubble, the breakdown node "disappeared" + Improvements to access rights + Bug fixed: Non-accessible standalone iterations no longer show up in all products' leaf stories view + Non-admin users can now create standalone iterations, with access rights for their own teams + Non-admin users can now create products, with access rights for their own teams + Non-admin users can now view the Daily Work of those in their teams + Build manager changed from Ant to Maven + Small UX improvements + Dialog for logging spent effort + Doesn't lose focus upon changing user + Daily total spent effort now refreshes upon deleting an effort entry + More understandable help text when opening an empty daily work page + Fixed problem with saving certain national characters + Inverted positions of Value and Points in StoryInfoBubble + Expanded accepted effort formats; now accepts .5, 30 min, and 0.5h + Database export failure in Cloud fixed + Technical changes + Added database migration library (Flyway) + Switched logging to SLF4J + Logback + Updated most libraries + Changed the way Agilefant is configured (using an XML file) Changes from to 3.0.3 2012-12-29 + Workflow improvements to logging spent effort: + The dialog automatically autofills ES with the delta from the last entry logged by the user + Upon saving an effort entry, focus automatically to 'Close' button => If you log spent effort 'as you go', you can just hit 2x <enter> and you're done! + Story tree: Changing a child story as started automatically changes all its parent stories as started (adpated from code by Javier Bazzocco) + Sort by Iteration in Project Backlog view works again + Year-end bug in spent effort -scroller fixed + Move to Backlog -dialog: focus to text field upon dialog opening + Create new product and iteration dialogs: added text that warns that newly created products / standalone iterations seem to 'disappear' if the user does not have access rights to them + Create team -dialog: + After selecting users for a new team, focus to 'Add all products to team' dropdown + Default values for 'Add all products to team' and 'Add all standalone iterations to team' changed to 'No' + Registration link fixed to point to the correct registration form Changes from 3.0.2 to 2012-12-21 + fixed missing </font> tags in hyperlink-keyboard shortcuts in case they would cause problems in some browser/OS combination Changes from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 2012-12-21 + Added hyperlink-keyboard shortcuts to some commonly used operations: + Task and story state, responsibles, effort left, original estimate, effort spent + spent effort, add child, add sibling, delete in the story + Select users in the Team creation dialog + See on how to effectively use the keyboard shortcuts! + Iteration and Product creation dialogs now read 'Project' and 'Product' (respectively) instead of 'Parent' + Rewrote a couple of error messages to be more comprehensible Changes from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 2012-11-09 + Bug fixes: + Iteration-to-iteration story moves from the breakdown view no longer break story ranks (#1518) + New database upgrade script 300-301 to fix broken iteration storyranks caused by Agilefant versions 3.x-3.0.0 (#1459 and #1524) + Updated version of exampledb.sql Changes from 3.0 beta 2 to 3.0.0 2012-10-15 + spent effort can now be logged directly to any story from the breakdown view + Bug fixes: + No burndown if sprint start date <= creation date + exampledb.sql works also on case-sensitive environments like Linux Changes from 3.0 beta 1 to 3.0 beta 2 2012-08-22 + Bug fixes: + #1201: Email notification implemented by from GoodData + #1258: Fixed broken Breakdown view operations: treerank & deletion Changes from 3.0 alpha 12 to 3.0 alpha 13 2012-08-10 + Bug fixes: + #1240: Effort spent calculation in iteration Burndown graph. + #Change: Reverted Effort Spent focus directly to Close-button. Changes from 3.0 alpha 11 to 3.0 alpha 12 2012-08-09 + Bug fixes: + #1117: Bug: Missing: a direct way to remove stories away from a standalone iteration. Fixed: Can be removed by moving back to its backlog. + #1239: Fix StoryInfoBubble backlog & iteration selection Changes from 3.0 alpha 10 to 3.0 alpha 11 2012-08-07 + Bug fixes: + #962: Fix the upgrade scripts so that they give everyone access to all products and remove old upgrade shell scripts from the release package Changes from 3.0 alpha 9 to 3.0 alpha 10 2012-07-20 + Bug fixes: + #848: Change delete dialog tab order in all delete dialogs (First focus in cancel, then change to OK) + #852: HeaderTooltips and focus to Close-button + #887: Leaf stories as default tab when clicking on a project + #1056: Iteration history tab throws exception - Hide until it's fixed! + #1078: Iteration assignees selector dialog (product level, projects tab) & (project level, iterations tab)'s title says "(Insert title here)" instead of "Select users" + #1144: Bug in iteration velocity calculation + #1200: Adding effort to story's task in product gives error (in daily work view) + #1207: Bug: in standalone iteration: creating a story, when top-ranked story has parent story in project, doesn't work Changes from 3.0 alpha 8 to 3.0 alpha 9 2012-07-02 + Bug fixes: + #866 Text change tweaks to project burn-up legend + #888 Text change: product/project Leaf stories tab => Backlog, Story tree tab => Breakdown, Story tree header => Product Backlog in product view and Project Backlog in project view + #913 BUG: When a story is in a Product and in a Standalone iteration, it shows up in Product Leaf stories in the product as well (should only be in the standalone iteration) + #1180 Prevent non-admins from seeing Teams and Users they don't belong to via assignee selector (in task, story, iteration, project) + #1191 Daily work - My stories shows Done stories from standalone iterations (should not show them) Changes from 3.0 alpha 7 to 3.0 alpha 8 2012-06-26 + Bug fixes related to user & access rights: + #1165 Prevented non-admin users from seeing Teams they do not belong to, as well as Users not in their teams + #1161 Restricted non-admin users from viewing anyone else's daily work + #1155 Restricted non-admin users from viewing the portfolio + #1181 Bug: in certain cases security check throws nullpointerException when non-admin opens storyInfoBubble Changes from 3.0 alpha 6 to 3.0 alpha 7 2012-06-14 + Bug fixes: + Deleting a project that has one or more iterations containing one or more stories threw exception (#963) Changes from 3.0 alpha 5 to 3.0 alpha 6 2012-06-12 + Bug fixes: + Copied story appears in project, not iteration; fixed (#961) + ID displays null when creating a new story in iteration; fixed (#1017) + Selecting [standalone iterations] in Timesheets throws exception; fixed (#943) + Clicking on iteration history tab throws exception; fixed (#1056) + Top left logo to point to (#439) Changes from 3.0 alpha 4 to 3.0 alpha 5 2012-06-08 + Bug fixes: + Iteration spent effort graph omitted efforts from stories and tasks in stories; fixed (#1108) + Exception from clicking on 'Backlogs' tab after login if there are no products or standalone iterations that the user has access to; fixed (#958) + Force Java 1.6 compilation + Enlarge -link below iteration burndown charts was broken; fixed + Refactored design issues and fixed potential memory leaks regarding anonymous DB export Changes from 3.0 alpha 3 to 3.0 alpha 4 2012-05-31 + Bug fixes: + Fixed story tree after it was broken by #977 in alpha 1.2 (#1122) Changes from 3.0 alpha 2 to 3.0 alpha 3 2012-05-31 + Bug fixes: + Bug: stories saved in regular iterations drops story rank to the bottom of the iteration; fixed (#1034) Changes from 3.0 alpha 1 to 3.0 alpha 2 2012-05-28 + Bug fixes: + Creating stories to a standalone iteration threw exception fixed + The dialog for sharing iterations as read-only gave the wrong URL; + 'Backlog' column in project leaf story list did not display iteration; fixed Changes from 2.5 to 3.0 alpha 1 2012-04-27 + Iterations can now include stories from multiple products + Iterations can now be "standalone"; this is the simplest way to use Agilefant for iteration management + The project level is no longer mandatory; a product can be advanced via assigning its stories to standalone iterations + Per-product user rights + Separated admin users from 'regular' users (admin-status can be set in new user creation) + Only admins are allowed to create products, edit teams, create users, edit other users' accounts, export the database, etc. + Admin users can set which teams can access which products + In team creation the team can be set to access all products + Likewise, in product creation, all teams can be granted access to it + Read-only iterations + Iterations can now be shared as read-only via emailing an URL token (all metrics and stories visible; tasks are hidden) + Small usability improvements + Story IDs in iteration and project leaf story lists are now clickable links for copy-paste purposes + Misc bug fixes + Fixed initialization of vertical rank in story tree of a newly created story + Overly long decimals truncated in Project metrics widget (used to create custom views into the portfolio) + Known issues + listed at 3.0 alphas' release thread at + new alpha releases are made whenever significant changes get done; these are announced in the above thread, along with an updated list of known issues + if you find a new issue, post it to the above thread Changes from 2.0.5 to 2.5 2012-04-08 + Improved portfolio management + Improved metrics in Story, Iteration and Project widgets used to create custom views into the development portfolio + Improved support for product and release planning + Project burn-up now displays an additional graph based on the maximum of story points in the tree (e.g. story of 10 points having two children with 2 points each => 10 points, instead of 4) + New story attribute 'Value' (a non-negative integer, similar to story points) + Drag & drop multiple stories in the story tree view with a single operation + Added 'rank to top' and 'rank to bottom' as separate buttons in the project leaf stories view for faster ranking; fixed bug regarding these actions + Improved layout when creating stories in the project leaf stories list + New stories are now created to the top of the project leaf stories list + Story IDs are displayed in the project leaf story list for easier reference + Improved iteration management + New state 'Deferred' for stories and tasks to indicate that it has been scoped out of the project or iteration. Deferred stories (tasks) are ignored in all metrics + Stories (including tasks) can now be copied in iteration view - helps e.g. in dealing with unfinished stories at the end of an iteration + Iteration burndown now depicts cumulative spent effort as a function of time (when timesheets are enabled) + Setting tasks as 'Ready' prompts for zeroing of effort left + Iteration history tab now includes trace of added/removed stories + Story IDs are displayed in the iteration story list for easier reference + User rights + Teams can now be deleted (preparatory work for the upcoming teams/products access matrix) + Support for Agilefant's research-industry ecosystem + Manual export of database for research and/or backup purposes (outputs a zipped SQL dump that you can email - Agilefant does not send anything anywhere!) + Automatic anonymization of an exported database for research purposes (all object names are replaced with their ID's, all text fields in objects are replaced with string length) + Small usability improvements + All editing is now done with single-click (instead of double-click); double-click still works, though + Smoother drag n' drop for ranking stories in story lists + Search now includes tasks as well + Focus to main frame when loading all pages (pages can be scrolled without unnecessary focus clicking when not using a mouse) + Planned size of projects and iterations now explicitly as man-hours + Misc bug fixes Changes from 2.0.4, also known as Agilefant 2.0.3 (r4337) 2011-11-26 + Usability improvements: + Navigation between Story tree and Iteration views now possible from the context info bubbles + Added a 'Recent items' tag cloud to ease finding the stories recently worked on + Improved help page texts + Bugfixes ( ids): + 22: NullpointerException in Daily work + 20: Trying to add spent effort when creating a task gives an error (if the task is not yet saved) + 34: Team names are not unique Changes from 2.0.3 2010-09-08 + Labels can be added when creating a new story + Possibility to show weekends as flat-lines in iteration burndown + Iteration summary, stories and tasks can be exported in Excel spreadsheet + Fixes to RESTful API and data format + Bugfixes: 0000145, 0000131, 0000159 and 0000159 Changes from 2.0.2 2010-08-25 ! NOTE ! Agilefant 2.0.3 requires Java 6 + New RESTful web API, see further details at + Numerous bugfixes - mantis issues: 0000154, 0000155, 0000140, 0000151, 0000152, 0000146, 0000150, 0000147 and 0000148 - see Changes from 2.0.1 2010-07-26 + Renewed portfolios with customizable widgets + Product leaf stories view for easy drag'n'drop moving of stories + Editing multiple stories at a time in story tree is now possible Changes from 2.0 2010-06-28 + Quick search functionality + Labels in story lists + Configuring the story tree + Branch metrics in story trees Changes from Beta 2 2010-06-03 + Timesheets related bug fixes + Reduced debug levels + Performance improvements Changes from Beta 1 2010-05-28 + Daily work functionality rewritten + Lots of improvements to story tree - The hierarchy consistency is mainted. For example a child story can not reside in a different project than its parent + All functionality that will be included in Agilefant 2.0 should be present + Added help page and some quick help links + Daily Work, Timesheets, and Portfolio view can now be enabled/disabled in the settings Changes from Alpha 5 2010-04-09 + Story tree improvements - Editing story labels - Creating stories to empty story trees - Improved filtering and search capabilities + Performance improvements in project and iteration views + Ability to delete iterations, projects and products Changes from Alpha 4 2010-02-12 + Labels can be added to stories + Iteration workload + Story tree improvements, such as creating child and sibling stories + Improvements to setting pages + New user interface for logging spent effort Changes from Alpha 3 2010-01-09 -- + Project portfolio view added + Story tree on product and project pages - including changing parent-child relationships - sorting story trees + Sorting project child stories + 'My Assignments' in left hand menu + Minor timesheets improvements Changes from Alpha 2 2009-11-17 -- + Timesheets functionality implemented - including logging effort for stories, tasks, iterations, projects and products + Story tree and hierarchy on project page + Splitting stories + New layout + Lots of changes to Daily Work ================================================================= Compared to the previous major version, Agilefant 1.6, the 2.0 version has the following changes. For more information and questions, visit - Totally renewed user interface * The interface has been streamlined and works similarly in every view * Performance and ease-of-use is now on a totally different level - Conceptual model has been fundamentally changed * Instead of a workaround on iteration level, the stories are now consistent throughout the whole system * The former tags have been changed to a more intuitive and easy-to-use labeling system * A work queue for tasks has been added to the Daily Work page - Hierarchical backlog management * Product level backlog has been replaced with a story tree * Project backlog is now a collection of all of its iterations' stories * Hierarchy is allowed on project and product levels. Iteration stories can't have children - Disabling unneeded views * The Timesheets, Daily Work, and Portfolio views can be disabled through the Settings page. - Browser support: * Firefox 3.0+ and Google Chrome are officially supported * Safari should work fine * IE8 is not guaranteed to work, but works to some standard * Opera probably works to some extent, but has not been tested
Source: README.txt, updated 2015-07-03