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Install ------- Download the latest war file and deply it to your favourite servlet container. The latest build is tested on Tomcat 6.0.20 but there is no reason why it would have problems on any 2.4 compliant servlet container. Because of the way the flex aplication swf is compiled, you will need to deploy express to the root of your domain. This means that if you are simply deploying to the localhost in the Tomcat webapps directory you will need to unzip the application war and rename it ROOT. Express requires a relational database. By default it uses postgres and was developed against 8.4. It will work against most relational databases as persistence is done via JPA and database management through Liquibase. In order to use a different database, at this stage, you will need to add the database driver to the lib directory and change the properties accordingly (see config section below). Configure --------- Most configuration is done in the file which is located in the exploded war file under theWEB-INF/classes folder. At a minimum you will need to add the properties for your smtp server. Without an smtp server you cannot register as express sends a confirmation email to ensure that the user has a valid email address. You will also need to change the entry for the applicationUrl to your domain name as the link in the confirmation email uses this.
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