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adx - addressbook.xml adx is a minimalistic but massively web enabled address book running completely in web browser. Supported: Skype, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, hCard (Microformats), instant messengers, etc. How it works: XML + XSLT = HTML in your web browser. Website: Getting started with adx: - Download and unzip latest file from (hosted on SourceForge) - Load addressbook.xml in a modern web browser. Tested with: - Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+ - IE 6+ (may need change of some security options) - Chrome/Chromium (Version 5+ MUST be started with command line param '--allow-file-access-from-files') - Click on a entry to show details for this contact - Most entries in contact details are clickable (e.g. direct calling phone numbers via Skype, address lookup in Google Maps, etc.) - To add contacts just edit addressbook.xml in a text/xml editor of your choice. Update from a previous version of adx: Just replace the file 'adx2html_phonelist.xsl' with the new one from this release Changelog: 1.04 (2012-04-21): - Introduced adjustable map service for geo coordinates (longitude, latitude). See variable 'map_geo_href' in user settings section Supported map services: Google Maps (default), Open Street Map, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps adx 1.03 (2011-01-23): - enhancement: photo support for hCard/vCard (e.g. as URL or data URI scheme; IE supports data URI scheme with version 8 and later) -- settings variable 'photo_show_default' defines if photos are shown or hidden - enhancement: settings variable 'phone_protocol' defines the protocl to use for phone numbers (e.g. "callto:", "tel:", etc) - limited icongroup size to 230 pixel (otherwise the overall width gets quite high when many accounts are defined) - fixed: Birthday reminder did not work (red marking) - fixed: first icon of web account was omitted by Chrome (open issue: further first icons in accounts are missing) adx 1.00.1 (02-jan-2011) - fixed: first icon of web account was omitted by Chrome Main changes for adx 1.00 (29-dec-2010): - New search functionality: search/filter is applied to following xml tags: email, all name entries and address (city, country, state) - Support for multi addresses (fully backward compatibility; for example see contact 'Thomas Bartensud' in addressbook.xml) - Improved hCard support ('misc' and 'comment' tags are now marked as a note in hCard) - Improved tagging - GUI: cleaned up menu bar (search/filter on left side; settings/options on right side) Detailed changes for adx 1.00: Search - email, forename, surname, displayname, nickname, middlename, address (city, country, state) - enhanced: search includes now emails and all possible addresses (using internally JSON) - enhancement: added search field to menu - GUI: changed menu order - enhancement: added amount of frequency groups members in tooltip (regardless which debug mode is used) Improved hCard support - enhancement: 'misc' is now marked in hCard as a note (enables exporting from hCard source) - enhancement: 'comment' is now marked in hCard as a note (enables exporting from hCard source; but hidden in normal adx view) - fixed: hCard mark up for tags/categories is now as recommended in (can be found now by Firefox addon 'Operator') Tagging - enhancement: tag prefixes are greyed out in order to focus optically on the tag value - fixed: Only tag value of combined tags is used in hCard for tag/category (e.g. "xfn:rel=friend" -> "friend") Bugfixes - fixed: settings for "folksonomy_href" (as XSL variable) works now - fixed: url params are not correctly processed for frequency groups (high and medium) - fix: IE6 did not work on pressing ENTER in search field (only "Search" button worked) - fixed: id for organisations (added org name) Other - known issue in IE6: SAve does not work (changes but seems not work in wine IE6) - enhancement: with attribute 'id' in contact tag an HTML anchor is defined (e.g. addressbook.xml#MyID) - enhancement: Applied several JSLint recommendations License: BSD (Open Source) More infos:
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