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  • Very useful tool that really improves your privacy with great features, simple to set up and understand. Thank you to the developer for his amazing work, keep helping us sending freely information over the Internet ! :-)

  • most useful onion client! thanks! what about linux?

  • Thanks for the updates of friends! Please continue to publish new versions here!

  • AdvOR @

  • Hello, I was trying to use this for netflix but its not working at the moment. netflix detects it as proxy.

  • Not bad,very usefull

  • Great. Gives you everything you need and more!

  • The program is very good and is very complete their number of filters increase safety for both and use only what makes people who really need it.

  • Advtor works perfectly.

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • Good enough

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • Best tool for anonymity web surfing!!

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Good luck in the project development! Respect for this project is great!

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  • good work

  • Advor is a geek everyday swiss army knife!! Two thumbs up!!

  • hi for http"S":// shoe this error: The proxy server is refusing connections

  • Respect for this project is great!

  • thanks for this great software. it saves me so much time.

  • Wonderful program my only wish is that their was a variant for linux but I understand the many issues making and updating a variant for linux would bring up.

  • Very powerful app, containing many features I didn't even know I wanted. Allows end-users as much granular control over tor as they might want. THANKS!

  • It is just perfect!

  • Excellent tool for file sharing. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks a lot for this project

  • I give this a thumbs up. As long as you follow the read me files, it is an easy set up. The hardest thing to do was to install the tor bundle folder, then turn around and delete all but the tor browsers folder. (for some reason i felt like i was breaking some unwritten ....., i don't know, some unwritten law, god i hate to say it like that! ). Anyway 5 stars. i recommend this for anybody who wants to surf Google plus and Twitter again without them knowing who you really are. You have way more control over this compared to the Tor project. Not that the isn't doing good work, this just takes you to that next step... (¿?)

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