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  • Absolutely fantastic! Written all kinds of stuff using this under Mono for Linux. Works great for taking data from TCP or serial devices and gateway'ing it into CLX processors. Example applications I have implemented include from a Keyence thickness gauge Serial port to Ethernet via Moxa DE-311 to Xubuntu on a VM running AdvancedHMI to send the data to a CLX over Ethernet/IP and local Red Lion PAX displays over Modbus. Also used it to take data from an Omega iServer Humidity sensor over TCP to a CLX processor. For any Automation Engineer that's also a .Net programmer this is a dream come true. THANKS A BUNCH!!!!

  • nice

  • I developed a watchdog to monitor a coating machine PLC status when not under operation and determine the appropriate time to close its dampers to avoid cross contamination.. it performed awesome, simple, very robust, reliable..... thanks for such flexibility to create costume PLC interface for free..... no need to use FT anymore... thanks!!

  • Fantastic! Great job!

  • Five star , just for the IDEA of a free HMI. the top is to find the CODESYS v3 connection. thanks. mate

  • What else could any automation guy/girl need. It's FREE and with excellent support and forum. Those who would like to learn how to create HMI or improve their current VB Net programming skills should definitely take a look into this project. As the time goes by, this project is just getting better and better.

  • Works great

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • Advancedhmi is perfect! Thanks.

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  • Easy install and setup! works great.

  • Great product advancedhmi

  • Good Visual Studio client that dragging and dropping. Worth a try :)

  • One of the easiest apps to use

  • Excellent work.

  • really Cool.

  • Easy to work with as is and well written code for when you have to modify things.

  • I have been using this for hmi development for a couple of years and it is great. A pure joy at the ease of use.

  • Dead simple for someone new to HMI programming.