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  • I honeslty consider this app one of the best app I ever tried! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free keys :

  • Is there no way of setting up DNS aliases? I created an entry " yahoo". Then when I "ping", I successfully get a reply from localhost, but when I "ping yahoo", I get nothing.

  • So Why does virustotal come up with 3 antivirus programs that say it contains a trogan downloader?

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  • After a few hours of debugging, I'm still stuck trying make it work.. Both, Acrylic Service and Console, doesn't receive any response from DNS server (I've tried google DNS, OpenDNS, my ISP DNS and Level3 DNS), as viewed in debug log and Sysinternals Procmon. Acrylic receive queries from client, forward to DNS server, but receive nothing in response.. I've noticed that source port of Acrylic queries is 53, the same usual listening port of a DNS server.. Maybe the DNS servers had refused such source port, as part of some DDOS protection (suspicious source port). Or maybe Acrylic queries are malformed.. In fact, none udp packet is received from DNS server after each Acrylic sent packet (to DNS) I've tested only locally, with last version of Acrylic, and default settings in HOSTS file and Configuration file, on a Windows 7 64 bits machine. It's just me ? Anyone else had such problem ?

  • Good Software, but at the moment you need manual backup before you update to a new version or your Configuration and hosts files are lost, overwritten by the installer.

  • Great project, great utility, great support... Now, if I had the equivalent in Linux ;-) - Mike

  • I find this project fascinating, I hope to see some updates from the Author :)

  • Trying it for some minutes and found 3 websites BLOCKED BY ACRYLIC! (online linux community) (about trusted browser) (talk about DNS cache in Firefox) conclusions: UGLY!

  • We use this in conjunction with Vagrant to create a development environment. It works great!

  • I love it! I have set this up on one computer and my entire house's dns queries go through it.

  • While using a VPN (Cotse), I discovered that my Windows 7 system was leaking the DNS every time I went to a website through the VPN proxy. What was happening was the proxy was using encryption to resolve the addresses correctly, however, W7 was also somehow resolving the address through my ISP. So my ISP could tell and log everywhere I was going, rendering the VPN service worthless. I solved this by blocking the DNS addresses with my firewall. The problem was that I had other programs I had written that needed to resolve site addresses to run. Upon finding Acrylic DNS Proxy, I was able to simply disable the firewall, start my programs, and then enable the firewall again. Now when these programs start, Acrylic provides the needed ip addresses to them.

  • Great software, thank you.

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  • I like it. It's small a work fine. About Jacob A Bruinsma comments. 1) Edit the HOST file must be always a admin job, or a admin group member; 2) Detect host change it's usefull, I agree. 3) A GUI feature can be implemented, but it's more easy if it was on web browser (mini HTTP embeded server/ Like HFS did it. <>). 4) It's a Pascal code. It's probably more easy to rewrite some parts of code to compile with Lazarus < cache - Similares >(Windows, Linux e Mac OS X). But I'll play with it. It can be helpfull on other project. Thank you mayakron! You really did a great job!

  • Great application. Easy to use, works well, great filtering capabilities. Confirmed compatible with Windows 7 32 bit, haven't tried x64 yet. Small critical note 1: editing the hosts file requires admin permissions due to its location in %programfiles% - where it strictly doesn't belong and possibly for security reasons. Small critical note 2: the service doesn't detect changes to the hosts file and requires a manual service restart, seems kind of brute-force to me. Small critical note 3: I would love to have a GUI of some sort for adding new host file entries, finding old entries, viewing the log and restarting the service. I would build one myself but ideally that should be part of this application as an add-on, and I don't have Delphi. Pop me a note if you'd like me to start something in .NET to perform this functionality.