Stormy - 2008-06-05


Has anyone had any success with getting his Zyxel P630-11 to work under Ubuntu/Kubuntu Hardy? I tried almost all the guides out there without success. I have installed almost all the packages suggested by the different guides and tried it with amedyn, amedyn2 and xusbatm. Most of the time I could compile it without errors but got nowhere with (unknown commands, unknown driver mode, etc). A few years ago I got it to work with Fedora and Mandrake, but this time I'm completely lost. The guides seem to be pretty outdated and contradictory, I think there is more than one approach now.

I guess, it doesn't make much sense to post the problems with my current setup. I've tried way to much for it to be reproducible. So I want to try it with a clean start and go on from there. Could someone point me in the right direction with the easiest way to do it now?

Thank you!