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    - Add Rtosc
    - Add tlsf RT Memory Allocator
    - Add --dump-oscdoc Flag
    - Add OSC API
    - Add Jack-OSC Support
    - Add MIDI Learn
    - Add Undo/Redo
    - Add Multi-Out JACK Engine
    - Add Multi-Out OSS Engine
    - Add Top Level Window Icon
    - Add OSC port/PID file
    - Remove Master::mutex
    - Remove Almost All RT Unsafe Actions
    - Disable (temporarily) DSSI
    - Disable (temporarily) Copy/Paste
    - Massive Internal Refactoring
Posted by Mark McCurry 2015-02-26


2.4.4 (28 Jun 2014)
- Add UI Mousewheel Support
- Add Spectral Adjust Parameter Rescaling
- Add Subnote filter smoothing
- Add Unison derandomization options
- Add NSM import/export
- Add NTK UI compatiability
- (re)Add OSX Support
- Enhance performance of ADnote and SUBnote
- Enhance Installer
- Fix JACK2 specific segfault
- Fix possible DSSI specific segfaults
- Fix Unison Regressions
- Documentation additions
- Misc bug fixes

Posted by Mark McCurry 2014-06-29


- Azerty layout
- XML bug fixes
- Vibrato/Unison additions
- Reverb rewrite
- DSSI support enabled
- Adding APhaser
- other bugfixes
- code cleanup

Posted by Paul Nasca 2010-06-27

ZynAddSubFX 2.2.1

- made to work with mxml-2.2 (will NOT work on older versions)
- it is possible to remove completely the graphical user interface (e.g. it can run without
X). For this you need to modify the DISABLE_GUI option from the Makefile.inc
- added a commandline -L which load a instrument (.xiz) - now it only loads to part 0 (you
can use this option with -l to load a master file and after this the option -L to replace the part)... read more

Posted by Paul Nasca 2005-04-27

ZynAddSubFX 2.2.0

- the VST version of ZynAddSubFX is removed from the instalation until it will be more stable (hope soon :) )
- now, the instrument banks contains over 300 high quality instruments
- added "Apply" a button from OscilGen window for PADsynth
- added another parameter to ADsynth that controls the amount of all detunes of voices
- adaptive harmonics postprocess
- improved the VU-meter and added a RMS plot
- Dvorak support for Virtual Keyboard
- many bugs fixed and code cleanups

Posted by Paul Nasca 2005-04-08


- Added a installer for windows (thanks to NSIS installer ( http://nsis.sourceforge.net/ ) ). Both VST and standalone vesions are contained in the same installer.
- Added a new user interface for beginners. You can switch the current user interface with that anytime do you want.
- All parts, effects, etc. are counted from '1' and not from '0'
- Added the posibility to compile the OSS and JACK support in the same binary (look in the Makefile.inc)
- VST host should be able to save all zynaddsubfx parameters into their setups (this is untested)
- Bugfixes and other

Posted by Paul Nasca 2004-10-01

zynaddsubfx 2.0.0 (final)

News: - VST version works (there are some issues/bugs but it works)
- Added a advanced Clipboard and Preset module - now is possible to add user preset LFOs,Envelopes, Effects, Oscillators, Resonances, Filters, etc.
- Completely removed the *.MAS_ZYN formats (masters, instruments,etc) support; use 2.0.0pre1 and 2.0.0pre2 to convert
- Corrected a error to pitch bend on VST plugin (thanks to Krzysztof Korpiela)
- Impoved the PADsynth module
- Because the PADsynth module takes a time to load, the instrument that contains such modules are shown in different colors
- Bugfixes
- Other
Unsolved bugs:1) Sometimes when working with banks it crash - don't know why - I tested even with valgrind and I couldn't find out where is the problem (a double delete??)
2) If the same directory is selected twice on bank roots or preset dir., the same files are shown twice and bad things can happen - I must solve this by comparing the directories (they can me relative directories and absolute dirs.)... read more

Posted by Paul Nasca 2004-08-27

ZynAddSubFX 2.0.0_pre2

- many bugfixes and some small improvements
- Win32 port

Posted by Paul Nasca 2004-07-31

ZynAddSubFX 2.0.0_pre

I released a prerelease version to zynaddsubfx 2.0.0

Posted by Paul Nasca 2004-07-17

ZynAddSubFX on cvs

ZynAddSubFX is now on cvs.
Checkout with this:
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/zynaddsubfx checkout zynaddsubfx

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-11-29

ZynAddSubFX 1.4.2

- added full-featured, advanced formantic filters
- added mixer panel which lets you to see/change most important part settings, and shows a vu-meters for each part
- you can choose to process the instrument's kit items only with one Part effect (eg. you can make a instrument kit that contains a reverberated piano and flanged strings)
- enabled to launch more instances in Jack
- when is launched first time, it searches for default.bnk_zyn file into /usr/share/zynaddsubfx and /usr/local/share/zynaddsubfx directories (useful for binary packages for Linux distributions)
- bugfixes

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-07-17

ZynAddSubFX 1.4.0

- added instrument's own effect (effects that are loaded/saved with the instrument)
- FreeMode Envelopes: all Envelopes can have any shape (not only ADSR)
- Added instrument kits: It is possible to use more than one instruments into one part (used for layered synths or drum kits)
- Amplitude envelopes can be linear or logarithmic
- added interpolation on the Resonance user interface
- user interface improvements and cleanups of it's code
- initiated a mailing list to allow users to share patches for ZynAddSubFX. Please share your ZynAddSubFX patches; look at http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/zynaddsubfx-user for more information about the mailing list.

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-04-15

ZynAddSubFX 1.2.1

- improved filter interpolation
- bugfix: wav header is written correctly
- bugfix: NRPN works correctly (eg:the controller was 0x98 instead of 98), now you can controll all effects parametrer realtime via MIDI
- bugfix: pitch bend works OK in windows
- added master fine detune (-64..63 cents)
- it is possible to swap effects or copy them
- started to port ZynAddSubFX to VST (not functional, yet)
- the resonace can protect the fundamental freq. against damping

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-04-07

ZynAddSubFX 1.2.0

ZynAddSubFX 1.2.0 is released.
- ZynAddSubFX is ported to Windows ;-)
- added internal Virtual Keyboard
- added Configuration window
- added frequency tracking to filter
- improved the OscilGen (harmonic filter, RMS normalisation, etc..)
- improved the recorder (uses the WAV file format and it starts only when a key is pressed)
- added filter interpolation if the frequency is changed very fast (it removes some annoying clicks)
- other improovements, bugfixes, speedups and cleanups of the code

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-03-21

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.9

- added keylimit to Part
- you can use multiple filter stges in order to make very steep filter rolloffs (eg. 48 dB/octave)
- ADsynth - added noise mode and you can make fixed frequencies; added the "Punch" parameter
- added an external program "Controller" which enables you to use the mouse for MIDI controllers
- other improvements and bugfixes

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-02-24

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.7

- some settings (like samplerate) are set on runtime (by command line)
- added distorsion effect
- added controllers (over than a dozen) and NRPNs (with NRPNs you can change all effects parameters by MIDI)
- bugs removed and other improovements

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-02-07

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.6

- Added JACK output
- Minor improvements and bugfixes

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-01-30

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.5

- The bug that crashed ZynAddSubFX if you change some effect parameters, it is realy removed (I forgot to update the file before upload)
- Other bugfixes and code clean-ups
- Added a Global Filter to SubSynth
- Added keyresponse limits to Part
- Added presets to Effects
- The fade is smaller on high frequecy content and larger on low frequecies; so you'll don't hear starting clicks on basses and audible fadeins on higher pitched sounds
- Added tunnings to Reverb: you can choose Random of Freeverb... read more

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-01-24

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.4

1.0.4 - It is possible to load Scala (.scl and .kbm) files
- Added mapping from note number to scale degree is possible to load Scala kbm files
- Corrected small bugs related to Microtonal
- If you want to use ZynAddSubFX with OSS (or you don't have ALSA) you can modify the Makefile.inc file to compile with OSS only.
- It is shown the real detune (in cents)
- Made a new widget that replaces the Dial widget
- Removed a bug that crashed ZynAddSubFX if you change some effect parameters

Posted by Paul Nasca 2003-01-07

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.3

- small bugfixes
- added Notch Filter
- added the option to randomize the ressonance function
- added VU-Meter
- Change the Insertion effect modes behaves (it sounds a bit louder)
- Added to the project an external program called Spliter that splits the
keyboard and alows you to play two instruments same time. You can use this
program with ZynAddSubFX or any other synthesizer.
- Added a new function to OscilGen

Posted by Paul Nasca 2002-12-23


bugfix: ZynAddSubFX crased (very rare) when you save master/instruments

Posted by Paul Nasca 2002-12-13

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.2

- Added instrument banks
- the BandPass Filter's output amplitude was increased
- few fixes of FFTwrapper. See the documentation from "FFTwrapper.h" if you got error messages.

Posted by Paul Nasca 2002-12-13

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.1

- corrected a bug that made ZynAddSubFX to crash(sometimes) if you disable a part
- wrote Resonance
- added the BandPass filter
- added the recording feature
- added "New instrument" menu item

Posted by Paul Nasca 2002-12-06

ZynAddSubFX 1.0.0

First relase

Posted by Paul Nasca 2002-09-25

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