#25 couple of feature requests


hi,, have been playing with zyxaddsubfx for some time on and off and it produces a very nice original sound :)

although i have often thought that the following 2 features are lacking that would open up a whole lot more possibilities

the first is to do with note generation , it has the usual osc's but what about the ability to use a wav file as a osc source both free running or on note start
this would allow for sample instruments to be used a bit like soundfonts

the second also in the same not generation is for the lfo's that would be simple note sequencer
although it could get complicated to patch to midi a 64 note sequencer running at the lfo frequency would give enough scope for say making the synth follow base cords

David (AchiestDragon)


  • Mark McCurry

    Mark McCurry - 2011-10-09

    On the first feature, I feel as this is outside of the scope of zyn.
    The current system is for generating out various instruments with their characteristics, not their exact profiles.
    I feel as though adding wave input would not match up with this correctly.
    There are a number of freestanding samplers for linux, though I cannot say I have used many of them.

    Per the second request, for the lfos, it has been mentioned that it would be nice for them to synchronize with external software such as a sequencer.
    Right now in order to get this functioning, a number of architectural things need to be reworked.
    If I understand what you are asking for, a full sequencer built into zyn to control the state of the lfo would be overkill when there are a number of freestanding programs that could get piped into controlling the lfo.
    This piping is not currently possible and this redesign will not be possible until after one fairly large project merge that is ongoing.

  • Mark McCurry

    Mark McCurry - 2015-11-06
    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • Group: --> in_progress

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