#17 assignable LFOs and ADSRs + suggestions for other features


I'd really like to assign an LFO or an ADSR to some parameters (ie. LFO speed or depth), like in many modern synths. Also, I think it would be useful if it were possible to switch between current zyn behaviour (modifications occur on the next note) and typical synth behaviour (realtime adjustments). I'd like to see a polyphonic legato function (I'd like to make chord progressions and have them "open up" gradually), and the possibility of customizing legato behaviour (sometimes I'd like to reset the filter at each note, but not the amplitude envelope, in order to keep high attack and release time and make complicated riffs with a slow volume increase, for example).


  • Adriano Michael Petrosillo

    For some reason, something appeared to go wrong (something about an API) with my previous post, I thought it hadn't been posted, refer to this one instead anyway.

  • naught101

    naught101 - 2014-02-23

    You seem to have about 4 separate feature requests here. I think the maintainers would find it easier to deal with if you kept it to one bug per ticket.


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