php issue

Chris Hess
  • Chris Hess

    Chris Hess - 2012-09-05

    I'm having an issue with php being able to write to a file. Ever since
    upgrading from 1.1.2 my php program can't open and do a simple fwrite to a

    I've checked the file permissions. I've run zwamp as administrator. I'm at a
    loss now. I'm sure it's some sort of php configuration issue most likely. As I
    have javascript that will update files correctly.

  • Chris Hess

    Chris Hess - 2014-01-07

    I finally figured this out. Apparently, I had too many input vars in my form. So it was causing an exception but for some reason it wasn't letting me know this so none of my form data was being extracted in order to write to the file so it just didn't write to the file. In new version of php, you need to increase the max_input_vars if your forms have a lot of variables. Older versions of php didn't have this limitation.


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