ZGRViewer: 0.8.2 released

ZVTM is a Zoomable (2.5D) User Interface toolkit implemented in Java, designed to ease the task of creating complex visual editors in which large amounts of objects have to be displayed, or which contain complex geometrical shapes that need to be animate.

ZGRViewer is a 2.5D graph visualizer implemented in Java and based upon
the Zoomable Visual Transformation Machine. ZGRViewer can now be run
both as a standalone application or as an applet. More information about
the applet version is available at:

It is specifically aimed at displaying graphs expressed using the DOT
language from AT&T GraphViz and processed by programs such as dot or neato.

ZGRViewer is designed to handle large graphs, and offers a zoomable user
interface (ZUI), as well as various focus+context navigation techniques,
which enable smooth zooming and easy navigation in the visualized structure.

More info at:

Changes since v0.8.1:

Video demonstrations of the new navigation techniques:

To download:

Posted by Emmanuel Pietriga 2009-04-08

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