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Unable to read NZB

  • Avensys

    Avensys - 2006-10-02

    When I use the upload function the file gets uploaded to the right directory but HellaNZB says it can't read the NZB file.
    When I use move the file to the NZB Queue dir it all goes fine.
    I setted permissions to the NZB queue to overall read/write acces.
    I'm running OSX with Hellanzb 0.8

    I can't figure out what's wrong.
    Thanks in advance. 

    • Avensys

      Avensys - 2006-10-02

      I just figured out that HellaNZB can't read the file because of its file permissions. When I manually set the correct file permissions the NZB file it reads fine.

    • timc3

      timc3 - 2006-10-05

      I got exactly the same problem so I edited the functions.php file to chmod the file thats just been moved.

      So what I did was found the line:

      if ($ret>0){
         $error = " check the permissions for the uploaddirectory"

      And I put this line before it:

      chmod($download_nzb_path . "/" . $nzb_file['name'], 0777);

      So it chmods the file when it is moved so HellaNZB can read it.

    • Snelvuur

      Snelvuur - 2006-10-31

      I have the same issue aswell, only my problem is that my storage is on a windows share (SAN) when it says check permissions its mainly do to the fact it cant preserve the file permissions/ownerships so i always get an error. Is there a fix for (besides ripping the error handeling out of it?)

    • Snelvuur

      Snelvuur - 2006-10-31

      it doesn't say how much diskspace free aswell, surely because of the window share..


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