how to get it working..

  • Rob

    Rob - 2006-09-04


    I dont know anything about PHP, looks like chinees to me and I am dutch.
    First of all, does this PHP script download from the newsgroups if I give it a NZB file.

    I have a network disk that supports PHP, MYSQL, FTP, HTML and more and I would like to give it a NZB so it can download the files in the NZB.

    I changed the settings in settings.php but it keeps comming up with "Fault: Code: 5 Reason 'Connect error: Connection refused (111)'"

    Am I doing something wrong or is the program ment to do something else.

    Hope to here from you soon,

    • macaroon

      macaroon - 2006-09-14

      Hi Rob,

      This program is just a frontend for hellanzb. You will first have to install hellanzb which will do the actual downloading.

      So install hellanzb, see that it works, then install zussaweb to be able to control hellanzb from a remote location (or locally).



      • Rob

        Rob - 2006-09-14


        Thanks for your answer. I left my note a bit to quick and I dit not read very well. I just need a newsreader written in PHP that downloads the files in the nzb. I think my network disk (which should do the downloading) supports also limitid perl but i am not sure.

        I dont know how to install hellanzb on the NAS (if its even posible) so I have to find a program that does what I want.

        Thanks for your response.

        • gkorte

          gkorte - 2006-11-10

          Basically mount your NAS disk onto a linux mount point and get hellanzb to download to that.  If you want a plain and simple nzb thingimagigy then look at newsleecher.

          • Rob

            Rob - 2006-11-10


            I use Newsleecher on my pc but I have a NAS that can download on its own. So I can switch off the computer and the NAS continues the download. But this only works with a Torrent.

            It also supports PHP and so I need "newleecher" written in PHP so the NAS can download when the computer is turned off.


            • gkorte

              gkorte - 2006-11-13

              Okay...  That should work.

              Get the files for hellanzb and compile them as stated in the readme.  Then just run it as a daemon on your NAS and you should be set.  If you need help then give me a holler.


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