Wow... That was a nice surprise

  • sp00bking

    sp00bking - 2006-12-18

    This was surely easy to install and get running.The interface is nice and smooth.. :)
    Im kinda missing a feature.. Wouldnt it be possible to get some king of login screen to secure interface a bit?!

    Keep up the good work!

    • sp00bking

      sp00bking - 2006-12-18

      crap.. should really consider to spell-check before i post.. :O)

    • Walter

      Walter - 2007-01-09

      You could consider putting the zussaweb interface into a .htaccess 'secured' folder. Any access to the folder (and hence the zussaweb interface) will need a login/pw combo. Take a look at the Apache website [] .

    • sp00bking

      sp00bking - 2007-01-22


      Thanx for showing me a way.. :)
      I didnt have a solution like that in mind when i posted but later got the idea to secure page access from within the http server.But got the thingie working..


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