Nice work!

  • cntmagistus

    cntmagistus - 2006-09-30

    Thanks to henkz I ran into this nifty interface to hellanzb. Pretty simple, straightforward and works like a charm! Good job on this one ;)

    Some first remarks:
    -functions.old: shouldn't this be removed?
    -todo.txt is written in some ghastly language ;)
    -REAME: Errr, what README? Some Documentation in the tarball would help.
    -"Hella Web Interface v0.1": Isn't this v0.2 already?

    • macaroon

      macaroon - 2006-10-01

      I'm glad you like it! Actually there's quite a lot that could use some cleaning up, not only functions.old.

      Ghastly language?!? That's dutch! But you've got a point, if I have some time soon I'll translate it to english and immediatly update the version number.

      README...apparently you could get it to work without one ;)

    • cntmagistus

      cntmagistus - 2006-10-01

      Ghehehe, I know, I'm Dutch myself and even have more things in common, just ask henkz ;)
      About the README, yeah, ofcourse it wasn't that hard to figure out but still, documentation saves everyone a lot of time ;)


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