this project still active?

  • sp00bking

    sp00bking - 2007-03-29

    Im wondering if there is still being made any development on Zussaweb?

    Not that im missing any features but this is a awsome piece of software.. :)

    • macaroon

      macaroon - 2007-04-13


      Well it's not really that alive anymore, it works fine for me. I might put up a version 1 someday (but it won't be soon).


    • ilikemyrealname

      ilikemyrealname - 2007-05-22

      If anything is done in the future, I have one small suggestion:

      When you add a download using the ID number from, the ID number stays in the URL.  So if you refresh the page, it actually adds the download again.  If it could be changed so that when you add the ID number, it adds it to HellaNZB, but does not leave it in the URL.  I usually refresh the page a few times to get a more accurate status of my updates and if I don't manually remove the number from the URL, each time I refresh it adds it over and over again to the download queue.

      I must say, this app has made HellaNZB that much cooler.  Great work!  If only I could find a UNIX based bit torrent app with a web frontend as stable!


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