Status Update

Hi all. Just thought I would throw a status update out since I have not made a post in a while. Well, I have made a huge amount of progress as of late. I now I have the basis of lib_zdtm_sync built and have the following parts functioning properly: initiate_sync, check_cur_auth_state, authenticate_passcode, obtain_sync_state, obtain_last_time_synced, set_last_time_synced, requires_slow_sync, terminate_sync, and zdtm_finalize.

You may be wondering what exactly this means. Well, in general it means that there are only a few small chunks left before ToDo partial syncs are working in our test application. And then only a few more to get full (slow) sync working. If you would like more details I have made the project plan for lib_zdtm_sync available in html on the Development page of the site under the Tasks section. Check it out, it is updated automatically so it should be very up to date.

Posted by Andrew De Ponte 2007-03-06

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