Three Days of Work!!!

Hi all. Just wanted to keep you posted on what the happenings are with this project since I have not made a post in a while. Basically, I just spent three solid days working on the project. The zdtm_sync cross-platform library is nearing completion for ToDo synchronization support. I am testing it as it exists right now and filling in the gaps (things I forgot to implement in zdtm_sync library). The game plan is that once the library is complete and enough testing has been done, that we take and implement the opensync plugin just to support the ToDo sync. Then add the little bit of code left to the zdtm_sync library to support Calendar and Address book sync. Once that version of the library is released we will release another version of the opensync plugin which will support all three. jcmdev0 has been hacking away on building us a new website so that more documentation can more easily be presented to the users without having to read PDF files and the likes. Just, hang in there. I should be able to work on the project more often now so we should see a working alpha test version out pretty soon.

Posted by Andrew De Ponte 2006-09-03

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