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ZSNES v1.5 Released

I am pleased to announce another long awaited release of ZSNES. This time around we made many improvements to the software in general, fixed, and added many new features.
We also have made several updates to the emulation fixing bugs that never worked right before.
We also started a major rewrite of all the major emulation cores, but unfortunately it won't be ready until a future release.

People who maintain packages for various distros should use "./configure --enable-release --disable-cpucheck force_arch=i586 " to build this release, see the documentation for more details.... read more

Posted by Nach M. S. 2006-12-22

Quick bug fix release

Due to popular demand, we made a quick bug fix release. Enjoy!
What's New:

DOS Only:
Fixed label for Fullscreen/Widescreen options. [ipher]

SDL Only:
DESDDIR support. [theoddone33]

All Ports:
Corrected output of BRR decode for invalid ange values (>12). [TRAC]
Fixed sustain level 4 (5/8). [TRAC]
More window boxes now have borders. [ipher]
Close zip files properly when IPS is not found in zip (fixes crashing with certain zlibs). [Nach]
Cleaned up some code. [Nach, ipher, grinvader]
Ported chip detection to C, improved BS detection. [Nach]
Ported rewind to C (thanks Nach, TRAC). [grinvader]
New reminder text. [grinvader, AspiringSquire]
Rollback of "Improved accuracy of base rates used for ADSR, GAIN, noise, and echo emulation". [ipher]

Posted by Nach M. S. 2005-01-20

ZSNES v1.41 Released!

This is mostly a bug fix release for stability.
We also added some small new features and made other minor improvements.
See the what's new for the exact details.


What's New:

DOS Only:
- Fixed a number of keyboard shortcuts in the GUI. [ipher]

Win32 Only:
- Get_Date() now returns the proper value. [Nach]
- Correct timing when compiled with MinGW (Special thanks to Jonas Quinn for all his help in getting ZSNESw compiled with MinGW and working). [Nach]
- More informative error messages when some DirectX component fails to load. [Nach]
- Return 0 instead of random value on exit (keeps certain frontends happy). [Nach]
- Fixed keyboard shortcut for "Trap Mouse Cursor". [ipher]
- Changed text in netplay window to be more clear about TCP/UDP. [pagefault]
- Updated ZSNESw compilation instructions in install.txt. [Nach]... read more

Posted by Nach M. S. 2005-01-18

ZSNES v1.40 Has been released!

It's been a long time since a release and I'm very happy to finally make one.

I would also like to thank everyone who has helped up get this release together.

Enjoy the release.

What's new:

DOS Only:

* - Fixed cublic spline interpolation. It should actually save the option now! [pagefault]
* - Fixed other various DOS sound bugs. [Nach, pagefault]
* - Fixed a frameskipping bug. [pagefault]... read more

Posted by Nach M. S. 2004-12-25

Project update

It's been a long time since our last release but we haven't stopped working on the project. We have a lot coming in the next release that we hope you will find was worth the wait. Some of these features include major fixes to the SDL port, lots of games fixed and new features to keep you occupied. If you want a preview simply check out CVS. The next release should be out in the coming months.

Posted by Eric Pearson 2004-04-26

ZSNES 1.35 released

A new version of ZSNES has been released. This release fixes some more outstanding bugs and provides updates for the *nix port.

Posted by Eric Pearson 2002-06-27

ZSNES v1.337 released

The wait is over. The next version of ZSNES has been released. This release contains many fixes and new features as well as new autoconf support for Linux and FreeBSD users.

ZSNES is a SNES/Super Famicom emulator for x86 computers. It runs on Windows, MS-DOS and Linux/FreeBSD and supports mode 7, sound, Super FX, and a lot more.

Posted by Eric Pearson 2001-10-01

ZSNES v1.31b released

ZSNES v1.31b has been released. This release fixes a number of bugs that were introduced in v1.31.

Posted by Eric Pearson 2001-07-04

ZSNES 1.31 released

The long awaited ZSNES 1.31 has been released. Go download it today.

Posted by Eric Pearson 2001-06-29

ZSNES 1.30b released!

ZSNES 1.30b is out! Go get it.

Posted by Eric Pearson 2001-06-18

ZSNES 1.30 is out

ZSNES 1.30 is out, with some bugfixes, and open gl support in the linux version. You can find the binary version on zsnes.com, and the source on our sourceforge page

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-06-14

wow, yet another release

ZSNES 1.29 is now available, several games are now working again, direct draw code is optimised, ...

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-06-01

the waiting is over...

ZSNES 1.28 sources are finally released. Sorry for being a little late ;)

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-05-30

ZSNES 1.26 released

ZSNES 1.26 has been released. It fixes some annoying bugs which were introduces in ZSNES 1.26

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-05-18

ZSNES 1.25 released

ZSNES 1.25 for Dos/Windows/Linux has been released. It adds png screenshot support, as well as a lot of bugfixes

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-05-16

ZSNES 1.20 released

Here comes a new version of ZSNES featuring better DSP1 emulation (PilotWings is emulated) and a linux version

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-05-02

zsnes.sourceforge.net updated

http://zsnes.sourceforge.net has been slightly updated. You can now download nightly CVS snapshots, and find information explaining how to contact us

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-04-24

ZSNES sources updated

The object files included with the first release were corrupted. I put a new zipfile which should fix that

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-04-05

Sources released

The sources of zsnes are finally released.

Posted by Christophe Fergeau 2001-04-03

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