#50 WAV or IT dumper

Brian Jack

Would function similar to the movie but be able to
record the audio and dump to WAV (or maybe IT). Some
games (like Sailor Moon Another Story) don't work with
SPC capturing because the main code is controlling the
music by sending the music score over the APU ports to
the SPC coprocessor (attempting to play SPC dumps with
these kinds of games result in the sound of silence!).
Some games also send new waveform data as the song is
in playback (such as Tales of Phantasia) playing SPC
dumps from these games winds up with the errant
(unloaded) samples playing unwanted random noise.

Such games are only really capturable by duplicating
the audio stream to a waveform (wav) or converting the
SPC/DSP state changes into an event/module (IT) file.

An alternative would be to log the port activity on
2140-2143 (F0-F3) to a new format that has SPC state
and sequence port writing information in the same file.


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